Apple iOS App Story Infographic: Over Ten Billion Downloads

Here at OSM we’re constantly bringing you news about Apple and its products such as the iPhone, MacBook Air and iPad. Today’s news though is a little different as it’s about Apple iOS apps. We have a fascinating infographic that shows the story of Apple apps and you may be surprised to know that over 10 billion have now been downloaded.

The infographic tells the story of Apple app development by numbers in an easily-digestible form and it’s an astonishing statistic to know that the Apple App Store was only launched almost 3 years ago with 500 apps available. The infographic was brought to our attention by Stan Schroeder over on Mashable, sourced from 500,000 Apps, and was created by three companies, Chillingo, Chomp and blog 148apps, all with a particular interest in iOS apps. Take a look at the infographic below, or see it in full-size here.

As you can some of the statistics show that there are 85,569 unique developers and that 37% of apps are free while the average price for a paid app at present is $3.64. Angry Birds easily hits the top iOS paid app slot with 275 days at number one and games apps are the most popular category, followed by books and then entertainment. A timeline shows that in the July 2008 weekend that the App Store was launched, 10 million downloads were made and in only four months the number of apps available had jumped from 500 to 10,000.

The timeline goes to January 2011 and by that time over 10 billion iOS apps had been downloaded, and also details recent developments such as The Daily and Garageband. There’s much more detail and it’s a fascinating delve into the history of iOS apps so check out the infographic and let us have your comments. Were you surprised at any of the figures involved?