YouTube Tops Samsung’s TV App Store Downloads Chart

Internet connected TV is on the up, with more people using their boxes to watch on demand shows and video. Samsung’s app store for their line of internet TVs has just surpassed 5 million downloads, with Google owned video sharing site YouTube topping the chart for most downloads.

The app store has been running for a bit over a year, being launched back in February 2010. Business started slow, taking a whole year to reach the 1st million downloads, since then it has really taken off, with an additional 4 million in 4 months, Tech Radar has reported.

There are currently around 550 different apps available for download on Samsung’s app store, with Google Maps, AccuWeather and Vimeo, trailing in the download charts behind YouTube. The store is available in 120 different countries, it has been revealed by The Next Web.

Samsung’s app strength clearly lies with its smartphones, as a combination of mobile and TV downloads amass to 100 million downloads. Their popular Galaxy range of smartphones and tablets are amongst the best selling in their respective markets. Samsung were served with a lawsuit by Apple on grounds of patent infringement last month. What kind of an impact will this have on their Galaxy products which are claimed to have been stolen? Leave us your thoughts.