Twitter Missouri Tornado Phenomenon: Terrifying Hours

Following on from Sunday night’s tornado that ripped through Joplin, Missouri America, leaving 89 people dead and many injured, social networking sites such as Twitter have been used as a means of communication.

In the past we have spoken about how social media, particularly that of Twitter and Facebook are now proving a lifeline for many, including a huge number who logged on during the earthquake and tsunami in Japan. Along with this, video footage of events as they unfold can be uploaded onto YouTube with pictures placed on Flickr.

According to Mashable, Twitter has been inundated with tweets sent from family and friends during and after the terrifying tornado. Some wanted to reassure others that they were safe and well, others wanting to tell how their homes had been destroyed and so on. One included, “The town was basically cut in half. There’s severe damage from 32nd and Maiden out to 15th and Duquesne.” Another read, “Its unbelievable here Stormy! Lived here my whole life and have seen several tornados but nothing like this one!” reported how social media is now paving the way forward and at times is proving more beneficial than everyday TV channels.

Tell us if you were actually affected by the Missouri Tornado, and if you got any comfort from using one of the above sites? What are your thoughts on social media being used in this way?