Toyota Friend: Social Networking Site For Toyota Owners

With the ever increasing amount of usage social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter get nowadays, we knew it wouldn’t be long before we started to see new variations of these popular sites popping up. Recently we brought you news on many of these sites such as Gransnet for grandparents and JackieFame for children.

It would now appear that the latest set up of social networking is coming courtesy of car manufacturers Toyota, this new social networking site which is to be called Toyota Friend is to be launched for the use of the manufacturer’s bulging customer list.

According to this story from the you can read here– the manufacturer is setting up this site with the help of Microsoft and, with this new site they intend customers to interact with their cars in a similar way in which they would interact with people on sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Before you start thinking that they must be mad thinking that people are going to start having conversations with their cars lets clarify things a little, although it would be nice to be a Toyota owner and feel like your starring in your very own version of Knight Rider the service is strictly a way of keeping up to date with all your cars important information, such as when services are due and when to recharge its battery.

Technology like this is not that new, currently there are other vehicles that do have network linking capabilities which can function with other mobile devices, although we are yet to see any other manufacturer incorporate this technology into the form of a social networking platform.

Are you a Toyota owner? Would the use of a service like this interest you?

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