TouchPad to Annihilate iPad 2? HP Throws Down the Gauntlet

We’ve been bringing you news on the HP TouchPad tablet device for some time now. Most recently we gave you some news about the price at Walmart where we referred to the TouchPad as a possible iPad 2 challenger. Now though it seems that HP think that its TouchPad could annihilate the iPad and is very much aiming to be top dog in the tablet market.

In other recent articles we told more about the TouchPad release and also gave you a video look showing a SIM card slot. As a quick refresher we’ll tell you that the HP TouchPad has a 9.7-inch touchscreen display, a 1.2GHz dual-core processor and runs on webOS. It also features 1GB of RAM, 16 and 32GB storage and a 1.3-megapixel front-facing camera, though rather strangely lacks the rear camera that many might expect on a new tablet device.

HP’s European head, Eric Cador, speaking at a press conference in Cannes said, “In the PC world, with fewer ways of differentiating HP’s products from our competitors, we became number one; in the tablet world we’re going to become better than number one. We call it number one plus.” This information came to us from Amar Toor over on Engadget, sourced from The Telegraph. Cador’s statement makes it pretty clear that HP really does think its TouchPad is credible competition to the iPad 2 and throws down the gauntlet between the two giant tech companies.

There was also news on Guardian, Sky and apps for the U.K. market with a reassurance of thousands more to come. You can see more about the HP TouchPad at and also sign up there for notifications about this device. We’d like to hear your thoughts on this. Do you think the TouchPad could take the top tablet title away from the iPad 2, or maybe you think another tablet has more chance? Let us know with your comments.

  • cjoness

    It's possible but it may never happen. It may take years to gain the market share that Apple has established right now. But I think it's a serious contender. It looks too much like an iPad though and the names are very similar.

  • Amy

    I am have been doing a lot of research on tablets and laptops. I looked at a Mac and the Ipad. I am going to buy a HP laptop and the tablet. I don't like that you can't get flash with the ipad that makes no sense to me what so ever. I am very excited about the HP touchpad.

  • Interested Bystander

    Typical big corporate hyperbole; they can't really say 'we're making a decent play for second place'.

    The Touchpad looks to be a reasonable device but it's very late to an already crowded market. Whether WebOS is enough to make it stand out remains to be seen, and app support is something of an unknown. It will be interesting to see what happens.

  • Steve Arn

    What’s Cador smoking?

    Someone will eventually overtake Apple, but it won’t be HP. To “annihilate” the iPad a company will have to out-innovate Apple. It won’t work to just create a product with similar features for a similar price. To capture considerable marketshare, the product will have to be significantly better in price, functionality and features – something HP didn’t do with this product.


  • rob Henriksen

    Lmao it has not a chance.