Speakers In Your Sneakers Return: Puma & Doom Flavor

Remember back on March 3rd we added a report of a custom stereo system that took advantage of a pair of Nike Air Force 1s by adding a set of speakers into them? Well guess what? They are back and this time they are bigger, better and have been paired up with the most villainous Hip-Hop artist named Doom.

There’s also a different make of trainer, this time they are rolling with Puma to make the Puma and Doom flavored speakers in your sneakers! These aren’t the sort of sneakers you can nip on down to Foot Locked to pick up, these are custom made Puma trainers that Doom has had a big influence in.

We first learned of them through an article over on Engadget by Brian Heater who tells us that the sneaker customizer has certainly stepped up his game after being commissioned by Sneaker Freaker Magazine. He has also been influenced by MF Doom for the aesthetics influence… Some of his specifications included sci-fi and laser guns, comics and chrome, mad villain s%@t and mad exclamation marks!

Head to the bottom of the article to see how they were made and also to see some of the lighting effects. The work was completed in four weeks so that it was ready in time for the magazine. You can read all about it over at sneakerfreaker.com where they also have a gallery of images.

What do you think of the new improved speakers in your sneakers? Let us know in the comments section below.