Social Media on Your Vacation: Making the Best of it

While some of us want to truly get away from it all while on vacation, and that includes weaning ourselves off technology for a precious few days, there are others that actually find that quite difficult and it’s important to try to find a balance. Saying that however, we should remember that social media resources can be extremely useful while we’re away from home and could actually help you to make the most of your vacation.

There are an abundance of mobile apps using social media for example and Erica Swallow over on Mashable has some great suggestions of ones that you might find helpful for your next vacation. For instance, location apps such as Foursquare can be used to track down nearby restaurants, visitor attractions, nightlife and more and Swallow particularly singles out Foursquare’s Explore Tab. Using this you can also see recommendations and may be fortunate enough to get a good deal.

What about when members of the family want to go off for a while and do their own thing? This is when a group messaging app would come in handy. There are a variety of these apps available such as GroupMe and Fast Society, which allow the user to message everybody in their group simultaneously. This is a really great timesaver, especially if you are in a large party. Another idea is to use the services of your hotel concierge while you’re away and some hotels are now using social media to facilitate this. For example, Intercontinental Hotels and Hyatt to name just two, now offer the services of your concierge via Twitter. That could be useful if you’re out and about and want a quick opinion from someone in the know.

Finally there’s the modern way of sending a vacation postcard. Now you can post photo updates of your family while you’re still away enjoying yourself, instead of relatives and friends receiving your news weeks after you’ve returned. To do this, take advantage of photo sharing apps such as Instagram to share photos. Many apps now allow instant sharing to social networks such as Twitter and Facebook.

As you can see then, maybe there should be a happy medium between having some time off from technology while still using it to your advantage while on vacation. Have you any ideas for good social media vacation resources? If so please share them with us via the comments.