Samsung Galaxy S2 (S II) Extras: Ones Worth Using

We’ve been giving a lot of praise to the Samsung Galaxy S2 (SII) and this handset is set to be hugely successful when it finally hits the U.S. market. The impressive specs and features really mark this handset as one to look at and we’ve written a huge amount of articles on it but today we wanted to turn our attention to Galaxy S 2 extras and which ones are worth using.

If you want to catch up a bit on the Galaxy S2 you may want to check out some of recent articles at the links. For example we gave a comparison with the HTC Sensation, a review roundup, news on accessories, speed tests, names for U.S. carriers, a hands-on experience and a comparison of the display. You may also want a brief specs reminder so we’ll tell you that this smartphone runs on Android 2.3, Gingerbread, has a 1.2GHz dual-core processor, 8-megapixel rear camera and a much-praised 4.3-inch Super AMOLED Plus display.

Today though we’re concentrating on the extra pre-loaded Samsung apps rather than the usual stock Android apps you would expect. As always with pre-loaded apps there are some you may find indispensable but others that you’ll probably never make use of. Luke Westaway over on Cnet has done a great job looking into these pre-loaded apps to see which are worth having. One that’s received positively is Samsung’s Task Manager app. This is useful as it enables you to not only see all the apps you have running but shut them all down and is also good for making the most of your battery life.

Polaris Office is another Samsung pre-installed app that could be very beneficial and allows you to open, edit and create Office documents in a quick and convenient method. Kies Air is also a pre-installed app that gets the thumbs up and gives the capability of being able to wirelessly connect your Galaxy S2 to your computer. That then allows you to download files and upload media files over a Wi-Fi connection.

There are also 4 pre-installed apps which Samsung refers to as Hubs, a Social Hub, Music Hub, Readers Hub and Games Hub. It’s noted that a couple may be useful to you but in the main they don’t offer much that you can’t get from Android Market apps. Of the four Hubs, the Readers Hub is singled out for being the best and as you’ve probably guessed allows you to download magazines, newspapers and books. Finally the secondary Samsung Apps store is seen as being rather pointless when you have access to the Android Market with thousands of free apps available. For more details on all these apps check out the Cnet link above. You may also be interested in a look at TouchWiz 4.0 a user interface on the Galaxy S2 and there’s a detailed look at this over on GforGames.

Ultimately then we’d say that some of these Samsung extras such as Kies Air and Task Manager are well worth using and you may find them indispensable, but others such as the Hubs and the Samsung Apps app are probably ones you could easily manage without. Are you intending to purchase the Galaxy S2 and make use of any of these apps? Maybe you’re lucky enough to live in a region where the Galaxy S2 has already been released and have purchased yours already. If so, which of the pre-loaded apps have you found most useful? Let us know with your comments.

  • Peter

    First Samsung I have ever bought and probably the best phone I have ever owned.

    After years of supporting Nokia and there devices that have fancy gadgets… (not Apps) such as the N95 8GB that I first was able to download apps on before the big Iphone boom, and the N97 32GB with its FM Transmitter, I found myself at a cross roads, with no good Nokia devices, it weas a choice between Iphone 4 and Samsung Galaxy S2.

    After testing one in store I was sold on the Glaxay, fast processor, HD Screen (snap shots above do this no justice) 1080p TV output, and many apps that leave the iphone trembling under this what I would coin as a Super Smart Phone.

    If you want a fashion accessory… get an Iphone, if you want a powerful pocket PC get the Galaxy S 2 and you wont be disappointed

  • Rory

    You people over the pond are making me so jealous. I am watching all of the reviews from Europe for the Galaxy S2 and it looks phenomenal. Hurry up and release in the USA!

  • janee

    I can't wait for the galaxy s2 to come here as well!!
    I really hope it won't be later than July…

  • RUSH

    I'm jones-ing bad for a new phone. Not gonna make it if it's going to be much longer. What are they waiting for? Carriers can't get their #%$& together? Adding NFC? Release right before iPhone? Improving processor speed? Limited supplies? All of the above? Competition is looking better by the minute. :(

  • Eager

    I'm getting mine in 2 days (Australia) and have already purchased a memory card, car charger, desktop charger, leather case & silicon case.

  • henjo

    I couldn’t wait for galaxy s2 anymore and got the infuse4g, i been using an iphone since it first came out all the way to iphone 4, i got tired of their secretive way, im very impress with infuse4g too bad i couldn’t get the galaxy s2 right away. Oh well, maybe next year there will be something bigger and better powerful device for my next upgrade.