Livescribe Connect: Your Doodles Go Social

Have you ever wanted to share a doodle that you feel is brilliant with your friends on Facebook or had some kind of drawing or plan that you want to send by email without the bother of having to use a scanner? Well now you can with a device called the Livescribe.

Livescribe isn’t exactly a new concept but the new functionality that sees your doodles go social is. We learned of this device through an article over on Engadget by Sharif Sakr who doesn’t sound overly impressed as the author would like to see it all happening wirelessly. Sakr says that this feels about as cutting edge as a quill but we can certainly see some uses for this technology even if you do have to attach a cable for it to all go through.

To send your doodle to Facebook, email or even your Google docs then on the page you wish to send you simply draw a line one way and then back the other. The pen will recognize what you want to do and then you write what you want to do with the page, once you have the function you would like you tap on the page or pages you want to send.

Over at their author Ina Fried has added an article that details the pricing of the device which was taken from the official press release. The Livescribe 2GB Echo model is priced at $99.95 but today the latest version of Livescribe desktop will be heading out to everyone who possess one. The customers that wish to upgrade to Livescribe Connect Premium can do for the price of $14.99. You can view a demonstration video at the bottom of the article.

What do you think of being able to send your doodles or notes to your friends on Facebook or to colleagues by email? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.