Glenn Beck’s New Daily Deals Website: Markdown to Rival Groupon?

We recently wrote an article about well-known TV host Glenn Beck and the response on Twitter to news that he was to leave Fox News. Now it seems that Beck is wasting no time coming up with an alternative career as his latest venture has already been launched, a new daily deals website named MarkDown.

Although Beck still has some months to go before he departs from his talk show, has been developed by the company he controls, Mercury Radio Arts, according to Ben Parr over on Mashable, sourced from The Wall Street Journal. If you already know how sites such as Groupon and LivingSocial work then you’ll have an idea of how MarkDown will work. Daily deals will be available from the website if enough people want to purchase them in the allowed time.

There’s also a clever ‘referrals’ element to MarkDown whereby a recommendation to a friend who then purchases from the site earns the user a 10% discount on an item. Therefore if a user collects 10 referrals they can get the item free. It will certainly be pretty easy for Beck to spread the MarkDown word as he can promote the deals website through other media enterprises such as his radio show or news website. Beck sounds pretty excited about his new project, saying on his website today, “Markdown is a place where I will be able to connect you directly with the products and retailers that I love…But, best of all, Markdown is a place where my personal slogan and values will be brought to life.”

One thing for sure is that Beck will be relying on his loyal fan base, despite recent controversy over remarks made about President Obama and despite his falling ratings. Do you think Beck’s new venture could rival Groupon? Let us know by sending us your comments.