Facebook Scam/Virus: Introducing Facebook Digits!

When it comes to virus and scams circulating around Facebook we have reported on quite a few in recent times. We are trying to raise awareness of them and help you not to keep spreading it further around the network, that way we can eventually prevent them from appearing at all with the help of Facebook of course.

Recent nasties include being able to get 450 free Facebook credits, reasons why you shouldn’t eat fast food and of course the apparent addition of the much wanted Dislike button. Now we have a new one to talk to you about and this Facebook scam/virus post is called Introducing Facebook Digits!

The claims of this scam are that they will apparently give you a phone number so that you can call your friends directly on Facebook. This is one of the more legitimate looking ones with them using capital “F” for Facebook and also a Facebook logo but the massive social network wouldn’t just add this without mentioning it. You would have known it was coming before seeing a wall post about it. The post can be seen below in an image courtesy of Facecrooks.com.

Once you click on the link you are directed to a pretty impressive Facebook look-a-like page with a popup window telling you to activate your digits to copy some code then visit another link and place it into the browser. This is becoming more and more common and we want to remind you that if you paste a link into your browser, more often than not you are bypassing essential security.

They then ask you to partake in a quiz where you will be prompted to enter information about yourself and also your cell phone number. If you have unfortunately already gone ahead and done this then we would urge you to head over to our guide on how to remove any liked and unwanted pages and also clean up your feed as you have just spammed all of your Facebook friends too.

If you have gone ahead and entered all of your information, as advised by the guys at Facecrooks keep an eye on your cell phone bill for any bogus charges as with any of the information you have entered you may have just given them access to your account.

What do you think of all these Facebook scams going around? Has this one caught you out? Let us know in the comments section below.