Facebook Ads: Drugs, Alcohol & Gambling: Should They Be There?

Whilst Facebook has many uses such as reconnecting with your old friends it also has its downfalls such as the mass of Facebook malware, virus and scams that we have been reporting on recently. Some of them include the apparent addition of the Dislike button, the HCG diet and why you shouldn’t eat Fast Food.

Now we have heard of something else that’s quite interesting but not in a good way in our opinion. Something that was good about Facebook was the selective ads that featured on the site. An article over on allfacebook.com by Jackie Cohen is suggesting that the Facebook ads for drugs, alcohol, cigarettes and gambling may make a return to the site following their previous ban.

In an article over on insidefacebook.com by Eric Eldon he says that Facebook has made a significant update to its promotion guidelines last week deleting the blanket clauses that were previously present that prohibited the promotion of specific product types such as those mentioned. Eldon explains that by doing this Facebook is trying to remove itself as the “middle-man” between marketers and the varying laws across the world.

Eldon makes a few points about the different forms of advertising on Facebook that are definitely worth a read if they catch your interest but we want to know from you if you would prefer to see Facebook without any ads at all?

Would you like to see Facebook with targeted ads or with none at all? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.