Download Lady Gaga’s New Album For $0.99 On Amazon

For all you little monsters out there who are desperately awaiting Lady Gaga’s new album, “Born This Way”, Amazon are dishing out a digital disc download for just $0.99!

Amazon have been well known for offering great deals but this one in particular will appeal to millions. Born This Way is tipped to be album of the year and bargain hunters and fans alike will be swarming onto the site to download the tracks for a steal. Click here to download the album for as cheap as it will surely ever be! The track “Born This Way” was the fastest selling single on iTunes ever, as reported by Mashable!

If the dirt cheap album was not intensive enough, Amazon are also offering 20 GB of Cloud Drive storage to any user who downloads the disc. This could be a marketing strategy to lure more users to Amazon Cloud Player. This would be a big boost against rivals like Google with their Music Beta.

We have featured plenty of other social news on Gaga recently such as the release of her Judas music video to YouTube, as well as her 10 million Twitter fans joy and most recently her viral video with Google Chrome. Let us know your thoughts on the availability of her album for so cheap. Is there a catch somewhere?