Apple’s Potential Music Deals Bring iCloud A Step Closer

Cloud based music services are becoming more and more in-demand and with most of Apple’s rivals having launched one, it seems like the right time to bring out a version of their own.

Dubbed “the iCloud”, Apple’s virtual digital music storage vessel is more likely to become a reality after it was reported by The Inquirer that they were in talks with the 4 major record labels in the music industry. The labels are Sony Music Entertainment, Universal Music, Warner Music and EMI who also made a deal with rival Spotify back in February.

Amazon and Google are amongst Apple’s rivals to have recently entered into the Cloud market, launching their own versions. Electric Pig reports that if Apple can secure the services of the major record labels it would be a huge boost, as well as a big blow to Google Music Beta and Amazon Cloud Player.

Rumours of iCloud featuring on the iPhone 5 and also integrating with iTunes have been whispered. Apple could take this music venture one step further by also trying to implement wireless syncing as they planned, matching Spotify’s efforts as a result. When iCloud is launched will you use the service and what else would you like to see from it?