What Will Top Twitter’s Chart Of The Hottest 10 Trends?

Its that time of the week again where we bring you the top 10 trending topics that have occurred on Twitter in the past week. This week’s chart as normal is full of celebrities and events, provided as normal by Mashable’s Matt Silverman.

We start the countdown at number 10 with the Eurovision Song Contest, which was being held for the 56th time in Germany. The winner was an Azerbaijani entry called “Running Scared”, which was performed by Eldar & Nigar. Next up at 9 is the CBS TV show Two And A Half Men, as news broke that Ashton Kutcher would be replacing Charlie Sheen.

Lady Gaga has entered the chart at number 8 as a result of track leaking from her new album, Born This Way. Other tweets revolved around the singer getting past the 10 million followers landmark on the site. Dominique Strauss-Kahn is featured at number 7 due to being arraigned on charges he raped a hotel maid. The IMF boss has resigned and is currently under house arrest.

Spanish politics has entered at number 6 because of protests, with the the hashtags “#acampadasol and #15mani” being tweeted. Trend number 5 is Friday The 13th, a day in the year which is famously known for being unlucky. The character Jason Voorhees was also spoken about due to his appearance in a film of the same name. The Vampire Diaries is in at 4, with Tweeters sharing their excitement about the TV shows finale and also the kiss between Elena and Damon.

The Jonas brothers have made an appearance in the chart this week at number 3, as a result of excited fans tweeted about their upcoming single “See No More” which features Chris Brown and is out in June. Soccer/Football refuses to be moved and keeps its rock solid consistent place in the chart at number 2. All of the talk was about Manchester City’s 1-0 FA Cup Final victory over Stoke courtesy of a late Yaya Toure strike.

And now its the one you have all been waiting for! At the top of the trends chart this week is Justin Bieber, no surprise there. His army of “Beliebers” tweeted about his “My World” tour and how much they liked him, with a lot of the tweets coming from the Philippines and Indonesia. Has this week’s chart surprised you at all, did you expect another big trend to appear in the chart? If you missed last week’s edition then you can check it out by clicking here. Leave us your comments on the chart and be sure to look out for next week’s.