Customise Your Build To Order Mac: Apple Store App Sunday

Are you an Apple fan? Like many you may love the sleek clean designs with functionality above all else the key factor. But sometimes you may want that little bit extra, and the Cali firm have recognised this with its latest plans.

This weekend, Steve Jobs company will be giving its Apple Store retail app on iOS a complete revamp. Benefits of this to customers, will as AppleInsider stated, customization of the build-to-order Mac, which in basic terms will allow consumers to change the hard drive, memory and so on. Alongside this, it has been suggested that the big tech company will also be running other planned upgrades within their popular stores.

Resembling the Apple online store app with its varying options, the new updated store app will enable customers to use it from Sunday. Up until now, customers have been restricted as to what they can choose be it, certain stock configurations or options such as One to One or AppleCare.

Give us your thoughts on this? Will you be one of the many who will benefit from this?