New App Hitting The Android Market: TNA Wrestling iMPACT!

The smartphone world has been massively helped along by the additional applications that you can install on them such as games and tools. We see a lot of them being added every day on both the apple store and the Android Market as developers are making a lot of money out of them.

Generally the most well known app certainly in terms of gaming is the Angry Birds series with the newest being Angry Birds Rio but now we have heard about another that has been added. The new app hitting the Android Market is TNA Wrestling’s iMPACT and it actually looks pretty good.

For anyone that played the TNA console games you will more than likely be going into this with pretty low expectations as they weren’t exactly good but the fact that they have also managed to cram in the create a wrestler feature on the mobile app is quite impressive.

We first read about it over on where Quentyn Kennemer has written an article about it where he has mentioned that it’s priced at $2.99 half price for launch. The majority of the user reviews are pretty impressive so go ahead and have a look and let us know what you think of it.

Are you a fan of TNA? Do you like their new app? Let us know in the comments section below.