HTC EVO 3D Rumored Arrival June 4th: Are You Waiting?

With many new mobile handsets to choose from, deciding on the one for you can be a difficult decision to make. The brand and specs are no doubt two of the biggest factors along with price and release date. Although news has been rife about new devices on the way, it may be a matter of months before you can actually get your hands on them, but one that has gained a huge amount of interest over a short amount of time is that of the new HTC EVO 3D.

Once announced at the HTC official event in London last month, when we initially told you about the specs listing and so on, we have compared the new EVO to others such as the LG Optimus and Sharp Aquos SH-12C which to be honest are all looking pretty fantastic. Although an official release date has not been given for the new HTC, just in the last few days, we have reported on Sprint offering the handset for pre-order as well as RadioShack but this requires you to phone the retailer direct. For you to place your order, the retailer requires you to purchase a $50 gift card which can then be used towards the total cost of the handset.

Pre-ordering is an option but no firm release date has been given leaving customers stuck in a waiting game. But is that all about to change? Today according to Ubergizmo via Android Central, a rumor has come to light that the new EVO 3D will be launched around June 4th.

The news comes as a leaked screenshot from an internal Sprint email has transpired suggesting that the “Rough launch date is June 4th.” So if this is the case, then not too much longer to wait. As we mentioned earlier in the second paragraph, a gift card has to be purchased in order for you to pre-order your EVO 3D, so with this in mind, is this an indication that its not too far away.

Are you waiting for the new HTC EVO 3D or perhaps you are swayed by the other LG Optimus or Sharp Aquos SH-12C? Let us know.


    I'll be going for the LG optimus 3D, the TI OMAP 4 1ghz processor which is based on the A9 Arm cortex is faster than the HTC's 1.2 snapdragon A8 chip. The dual memory and dual channel also trumps the EVo 3D as it is a single channel phone.There is 3D content available for the optimus such as Youtube 3D whereby you can view and upload your videos.There are also a number of gameloft games pre installed on the phone, the wikitude 3D reality browser, 3D menus and the fact that LG is SKY's 3D partner is also relevant.The HTC evo 3D on the other hand has no content and looks like the HTC sensation but with a 3d CAMERA.