Google & AOL Connect Gmail, Gtalk & AIM

Google and AOL have finally come together to offer users an interoperable partnership between Gmail, Google Talk and AIM.

The instant messaging services had previously been a bit complicated with each other as Gmail users had the ability to access their AIM account through Google Talk, but AIM accounts couldn’t message Google Talk accounts, etc. According to Mashable a blog post was recently put out by Google, explaining that the chat clients were now interoperable.

Firstly AIM users can now message their Google Talk friends and so on. This is enabled regardless of what client the person is using, so for example they can IM a friend that uses AIM via Google Talk. The next thing is that Gmail users will be asked to add their AIM friends to Google Talk, with needing to be included at the end of the AIM contact.

Now that users can add AIM contacts directly through Gmail, Google has prevented the ability to sign in via AIM. This would have been a problem but AOL has helped out by creating a tool which allows users to quickly add their AIM allies to Gmail. Will the changes to these IM clients prove a success?