Galaxy S II Australia Release June 1: Pre-Orders Rewarded by Optus

We’ve been bringing you all the news about the Samsung Galaxy S II (or S2) Android smartphone, and we’re as excited as many of you about this impressive device. We have good news today if you’re in Australia as pre-orders are now open with Optus aiming to deliver them on June 1 and what’s more, those who pre-order will be entitled to rewards.

Just some of our recent stories about the Galaxy S II are a review roundup, how the handset fared in speed tests and a comparison between the display of the S II and the original Galaxy S. Already out in some regions such as South Korea and the U.K. the Galaxy S II is slowly spreading to more countries around the world and Joseph Hanlon of Cnet brings us the news about pre-orders with Optus. Apparently those who place their orders early will receive not only 2 free months access but will also receive a free charging dock.

Optus is the first Australian carrier to be getting the Galaxy S II but it’s expected that this phone will be carried by Telstra and Vodafone telco’s at a later date. If you want to find out more about price plans then head to the Cnet link above. The Good Gear Guide also reports on the Galaxy S II heading to Australia and fills in with a bit more information. Apparently if you want your Galaxy S II delivered on June 1 you need to place your pre-order by May 28 and also pre-orders are only available at Optus online with a dedicated web page here. The dock is only available free to the first 200 customers who pre-order the Galaxy S II.

It’s still unclear which countries will receive the NFC-enabled Galaxy S II but it seems that Optus mention NFC (near-field communication) on its website so it’s looking promising for the Australian version. Will you be pre-ordering this notable handset and if so why are you choosing it over the many other smartphones available? Let us know by sending your comments.