Facebook Friends Match Mentions of Alcohol

Here at OSM we like to keep our readers in touch with news about Facebook, the social networking giant, and earlier today we told how the teaser world premiere of Modern Warfare 3 was detailed on Facebook. Now we want to bring you news of a rather intriguing study, which shows that the amount of Facebook friends that college guys have, appears to match the amount of references to alcohol they make on their Facebook profiles.

The study, soon to be published in full in the American Journal of Men’s Health, looked at the Facebook profiles of 225 male undergraduates, particularly seeking out references to alcohol, or even images of alcohol. It may surprise you, or maybe not, that 85.53% of those profiles gave at least one mention of alcohol, and on average 8.5 mentions of alcohol were made, according to Sarah Kessler over on Mashable.

Rather strangely it then appeared that the amount of mentions of alcohol seemed to correlate with the amount of Facebook friends that person had, so that those who made more references to alcohol also had more friends on Facebook. Males over the legal age for drinking made 4.5 times as many mentions of alcohol than those under the age of 21. One possible explanation for this comes from Katie Egan who led the research and said, “Our hypothesis is that because alcohol in college students is a predictor of social acceptance, there could be a similar correlation in the social networking world with alcohol references…[posting alcoholic references] might be a mechanism for peer acceptance.”

What are your thoughts on this and have you noticed this in your own circle of Facebook friends. Do your friends who mention alcohol frequently have more Facebook friends than others? Why not let us know by sending in your comments.