Canon Vs Nikon Infographic: And The Winning Cameras Are…?

Here at OSM we do enjoy a good infographic and recent examples have included one about social ‘asks’, U.S. security concerns and one that may interest you most if you’re reading this, the history of the camera. Today’s infographic takes a look at the two giants of the camera world, Canon vs Nikon, in a bid to find out which company produces the best cameras.

This is a subject that’s really going to split opinion as its very much the case that most camera enthusiasts are in one camp or the other, rather like Apple’s iOS devices vs. Android OS devices. There’s not much middle ground to go on but the infographic is fascinating even if you don’t agree with the eventual result and winner. The infographic was brought to us by Charlie White over on Mashable, and created by Beste Product, a Dutch website. You can see the full infographic below.

As you can see the battle between Canon and Nikon takes place over 5 rounds with a conclusion. There is also some opening information such as an employee count with Canon employing some 197,386 people, as opposed to Nikon, which employs 26,125. It also details when the companies were established, the first cameras from each and company taglines. Round One is about what the experts say with Canon pushing slightly ahead. Round Two taken from what users say puts Nikon on top. Round 3 is focused (excuse the pun) on compact cameras and Canon takes the victory here. Round 4 is about which is most popular and Nikon pulls back the equalizer. The final round is purely about the numbers produced in which Canon takes the lead and becomes the overall winner.

It’s an interesting infographic with some great information shown but whether the majority will agree with the eventual outcome is more uncertain. We have to agree with Mashable’s opinion on the result where they point out that “popularity does not necessarily dictate quality.” We’d like to hear your verdicts on this infographic and the conclusion and we think this one is going to really divide opinion? Why not let us know what you think by sending us your comments.

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    This head to head is over generalizing the two giants in the camera industry. Canon out paces nikon in overall sales because they twice as many point and shoot cameras on the market not to mention the many stores that carry stock of ancient canon point and shoot models. But I guess the purpose of the article is just about who makes the most money. but when you look at the ratings and popularity nikon wins in your article.