Apple’s Chinese Plant Up In Smoke: iPad 2 Sales Affected?

Today (Friday) it was reported that an explosion happened at Apple’s Foxconn Chengdu premises in China where the popular iPad 2 tablet is manufactured. Although it wasn’t apparent to start with whether there had been any loss of life, damage to the plant and so on, details have been emerging throughout the day.

In a short report from Mashable, it has been confirmed that 2 workers have lost their lives with at least another 16 people suffering from injuries and as AppleInsider added, 3 in a serious condition.

Although the news is still a little vague, we do know that the explosion ripped through the plant at approximately 7 pm their time (7 am ET) no doubt just as workers were clocking on to do a day’s work. Emergency services arrived at the scene with news reporting that the blast happened at part of the iPad 2 production line within the A5 building.

At this present time with not knowing what damage has occurred from the explosion, it is difficult to say whether future production of iPad 2 units will be affected. It was only shortly after the iPad 2 finally released, that news surfaced Foxconn were struggling to keep up with demand.

Have you yourself got an Apple iPad 2, and was it a struggle to get your hands on one? Let us know about this and how you are getting on with your new tablet.

  • Scotty

    This incident will surely affect the sales of iPad 2 significantly. It is no secret that there is a scarcity on this device but even when the situation doesn’t favor Apple, the sales of other tablets don’t seem to catch up. After what happened to the Foxconn plant, someone has to be accountable for this accident.