PlayStation Store Alleged Return Date Following PSN Outage

Sony are still coming through the rough patch that they’ve been experiencing in regards to the PSN outage where their network was compromised, data was swiped and then they had to rebuild their entire infrastructure. Following on from that services have resumed for gaming purposes and Sony will offer a “Welcome Back Package.”

The only snag on the package that they are offering is they aren’t going to allow it to happen until PSN is live throughout the world and Japan are currently digging their heels in until there are further security measures in place on top of the ones that Sony has already added since the breach. With that being the case, the question that people are asking at the moment is, what’s the return date for the PlayStation store following the PSN outage?

We first learned that the proposed return date for the PlayStation Store to come back up online is May 25th through Eurogamer’s Robert Purchese. He has sourced an article over on Gamesutra where a memo was intercepted that was meant for the publishing partners. Remember this isn’t an official update from Sony and as soon as that becomes available you will know about it.

Anyway, some of the things you can expect to see on the 24th are the content that we were supposed to see on April 26th followed by a second push on May 27th which will contain the content from the May 3rd release.

How accurate do you think this information is? Are you looking forward to your free goodies once the PlayStation Store becomes available? Let us know in the comments section below.