Nintendo Wii 2: Project Cafe Shown In Video – Fake or Real?

We all know that Nintendo desperately need to add a new console to the market after their glasses-less 3D screened 3DS handheld has perhaps not lived up to its expectations and the Nintendo Wii becoming outdated. Can the Wii 2 save Nintendo’s plummeting sales?

We learned that Nintendo were readying the new console to be working at the E3 conference but there are new worries surfacing about the device such as the actual cost. Cost is becoming a problem as the rumors suggest that the device will have a 5-6-inch screen on the controllers. That being the case we have just found a video that’s perhaps showing the Nintendo Wii 2 aka project café and we are wondering if it’s fake or real.

Of course this could be a controlled leak; one that Nintendo wanted the world to see. The video has no sound which adds to the mystery and it appears to be showing some kind of game on the screen on what looks like it could be the potential controller with a screen. It strongly resembles the Nintendo Game Cube controllers but with a Nintendo Wii flavor with the white and updated aesthetics.

Numerous locations are reporting on this with their own theories such as Pocket-lint’s Rik Henderson and also Eurogamer’s Robert Purchese so feel free to read through their articles and then share your own with us. As always you can view the video at the bottom of the article.

Onto the big question, is this real or fake? Let us know what you think in the comments section below with an explanation of your answer.

  • SteveDOF

    Almost certainly fake, that screen, if it is 6 inches diagonally, as it says on one slide here, would make the controller almost 10 inches across and the thumbsticks almost 2 inches in diameter.

    • chrissomerry

      I don't know what inches are really since I come from a country where we use the metric system, so I can only guess that 10 inches is about the size of an ipad or something large like that.

      The problem though is that we're assuming the screen is indeed 6 inches as previous rumours have stated. I find that hard to believe though since it's gonna be impossible to stick a 6 inch screen neatly on a controller while keeping it smaller. So perhaps this is still legit, or there will be no such screen.

  • eduardo

    It’s fake ! ! !

  • shane

    yep, only 2 and a half weeks to E3 anyway so ill just wait