Lady Gaga Scavenger Hunt Marketing: Starbucks Digital Clues

In this social media and digital age, more and more ingenious and elaborate marketing campaigns are being seen, such as the promotion for Jay-Z’s book Decoded, and news today involves a collaboration between singing superstar Lady Gaga and Starbucks the coffee chain. A two-week scavenger hunt has been created involving digital clues, starting from today, and we think it could really capture people’s imaginations.

Earlier today we wrote about the Lady Gaga vs. Britney Spears social media war and it’s well-documented that Lady Gaga has used social media successfully for promotion many times, including revealing the cover for her new single, Edge of Glory, on Twitter. Starbucks is also social media-savvy with 20 million ‘likes’ on Facebook and a recent promotion using Foursquare, so it shouldn’t be a surprise that Lady Gaga and Starbucks have teamed up for a joint marketing venture.

The scavenger hunt, SRCH by Starbucks featuring Lady Gaga, involves seven rounds according to Jennifer van Grove over on Mashable, and will involve both digital and cerebral clues. Customers at Starbucks will be able to scan QR codes on banners, chalkboards and also posters for clues. The clues are aimed at group play and will also ask customers to visit blogs and Starbucks digital properties to work out the clues which make use of pop culture, math, logic and reading. In Round One beginning today, successful players will be able to gain Starbucks and Lady Gaga prizes.

Details of later rounds and more can be found over on the Mashable link above. It’s another great marketing initiative and we reckon it will be a big success with Lady Gaga’s Little Monsters. What are your thoughts on this marketing move and what other methods can you see being used in the future? Let us know with your comments.