Kleenex Uses Social Media To Help Allergy Sufferers

Here at OSM, we often report on how social media and the way in which it is used is benefiting not just the individual but businesses as well. Promotion of brands and the way in which they are advertised can have a detrimental affect on a company’s sales revenue. In the past we have given news of how various organisations are taking on the current trend, be it banks, countries warning of forthcoming earthquakes, police force, charities, travel agencies and so on.

News in today is of tissue brand “Kleenex” and how they be will helping a good many of us during the next few months. A huge percentage of you including me may look forward to the summer months, time spent with family on the beach, sitting in a pub garden or having a barbecue with friends. There is always a small feeling of dread as the pollen count rises and a majority of us suffer with watery eyes, sneezing fits and so on. Yes that’s right, hay fever.

Kleenex with the help of Facebook and Twitter, have now joined forces in the UK and Ireland to give followers that much needed medical advice. With allergies on the increase and affecting people of all ages, the new idea with the aid of a social media agency “We Are Social” is to act as a support group for sufferers, giving information from allergy professionals.

An interesting point reported by brandrepublic.com, is that if you are a current Twitter user and are indeed suffering from the hay fever symptoms, you will be offered a “rescue kit” along with other items including of course Kleenex tissues. In a very brief statement from Brand Manager Christina Lecky at the tissue company she said, “Our aim is to become the best place for sufferers to come and get advice, share their experiences and meet like-minded people.”

Tell us what you think about Kleenex using social media in this way? Should other companies join in to promote themselves? Are you suffering from hay fever, have you got yourself a free kit over on Twitter?