HTC EVO 3D Pre-Order: Ask RadioShack, Online Ad No Show

One of the hottest smartphones to be released in the coming months will no doubt be that of the HTC EVO 3D. Since we first obtained details about the new handset we have spoken about the new specs, compared it to others such as the new Sharp Aquos SH-12C as well as giving you news of rumored release dates.

Just recently we gave you an update that suggested the new EVO could be pre-ordered direct from the Sprint carrier with the understanding of not being able to get your hands on it until its official release, whenever they may be! We are unsure as to how much substance this actually held with mixed comments from our readers, with some of you saying that you could pre-order it whilst others had problems.

Today over at Phones Review, it has been reported that the new HTC can be pre-ordered from retailer RadioShack. Only drawback, customers will need to phone the retailer direct, an online pre-ordering facility is not accessible. Orders for the popular phone started yesterday at the retailer but because it hasn’t been advertised to a wide consumer audience, you have to actually ask for it. In order to place your purchase, you have to buy a $50 gift card. As stated, the gift card can then be used as part payment towards the new handset.

Tell us if you are considering getting the HTC EVO 3D or is there a rival competitor you have got your eye on? Let us know.