Great Marriage Proposal to Warm Your Heart: YouTube Viral Video

Although here at OSM we like to give you serious tech and social media news, there’s always room for something more light-hearted too. We often share news on the latest YouTube viral videos with recent examples being Death by Mentos and a President Obama rap spoof. Today’s viral video is of a great marriage proposal and will give you a warm glow and make you smile too.

Not long ago we told how one guy used an Apple iPad 2 in a unusual marriage proposal to his girlfriend. While that was lovely in its simplicity, this proposal was somewhat more elaborate. A man called Matt came up with a plan to surprise his girlfriend Ginny whilst at the movies and enlisted the help of Michael Escobar, a wedding photographer and videographer, according to Charlie White over on Mashable, sourced from YouTube. You can see the video, which has now been viewed over 2 million times, below this story.

Together they made a convincing movie trailer which Matt persuaded the local theater owner to show whilst Ginny was taking a trip there with her brother, a move set up by Matt while he was supposedly working. After a preview was shown of another movie, Matt’s trailer came on where he was asking her father for permission to marry her, before arriving at the theater in person. An extra surprise for Ginny was that many of her family and friends were also in the cinema with around 100 members of the public that she didn’t know at all.

Matt also thought to set up a “live reaction” cam and you can see in the video exactly how the proposal went down. I defy you not to smile and I have to admit I had a little tear to. Have you received a unique marriage proposal? We’d like to hear about it so why not send us your comments and also let us know what you thought of Matt’s ingenious idea. It just remains for us to say many congratulations to Matt and Ginny!