Facebook: Replaced Reunions or Making Them Easier?

Facebook is the largest of all the social networks and it isn’t showing any signs of slowing down. It has quickly become an essential part for a lot of people’s everyday lives with some people looking at it before they even get out of bed! The purpose of Facebook is to connect people and let them communicate with each other but now we have some things that we want to query with you.

When it comes to Facebook do you think it has replaced reunions or is it making them easier? The fact that Facebook can connect to people that you haven’t seen in a long time such as your old high school friends is great and you might talk to them once and leave them on your friends list leaves you in the state of mind that you are back in contact without the need to meet them again.

Sometimes it can be good to see all your old friends after a number of years so that you can find out what people have been doing with their lives and this would normally happen at a reunion. The thing is if you are in the mindset that you have spoken to a person recently would that make you not want to meet up with them in person?

Of course there’s a flip side to the coin where Facebook can be used to create an event which you can check-in to on arrival for different reunions making it more possible to meet up with the friends that you perhaps haven’t seen in a long time that you wish you had kept in contact with. Jennifer Moire has added an article to allfacebook.com where she is talking about some of the pro’s and con’s so be sure to have a read of it.

Does Facebook make it easier to reunite with your old friends or has it replaced the old school style high school reunion? Tell us your thoughts on this in the comments section below.