Facebook Patent For Digital Media Tagging Granted: What Next?

Facebook is the biggest of all the social networks and it’s still growing, it’s also perhaps the most successful and is competing with all the other ones on different levels. We have seen them launch Facebook deals to go against Groupon and also Facebook Places which competes against Foursquare.

Now we have heard something new that Facebook has up its sleeve, Facebook has been granted a patent for digital media tagging and we are wondering, what next? We first learned of this through an article over on Engadget.com where Vlad Savov says that Facebook actually applied for this back in October 2006 and they have only just got it!

This means that the design that Mr.Zuckerberg and his pals came up with is now theirs for the keeping and no other social network can use the same method that they have. If you would like to you can have a read of the actual patent on this link. We are wondering if the guys at Facebook’s legal department are going to start enforcing the fact that they have a patent for this on different apps and networks.

There’s also a pretty good explanation of the patents and what they mean over on insidefacebook.com where Kim-Mai Cutler has added an article. Cutler also mentions that Facebook applied for four search related patents.

What do you think of the patent that Facebook has been granted? What will be next for the social networking giant? Let us know in the comments section below.