Facebook: Encouraging Jackass Style Stunts Every Day

Facebook is the biggest social network of them all with more than 500 million people signed up and more than half of them returning daily. We have seen quite a lot of stupid things happening on Facebook that normally end in tears such as the boy who got into trouble for ranking his female class mates and publishing them on Facebook.

Now we are hearing that Facebook may be encouraging more and more jackass style stunts every day. The recent craze that’s sweeping Facebook (for the second time) is planking or as we knew it “The Lying Down Game” where people are lying flat with their hands by their sides and their toes pointing in crazy places that could be perceived as dangerous as they compete for the most comments and likes to entertain each other.

So is Facebook to blame for this? We agree with the opinions of Ruth Manuel Logan from allfacebook.com where she says that Facebook doesn’t necessarily inspire reckless behavior in young people, we think it’s just been a catalyst where people are showing off to their friends and because it’s all in one place it’s just been made easier.

Logan also explains in her article of a young Australian who was taken by the planking craze and pulled off a plank on a balcony railing. He was doing this on a seven story building and unfortunately plummeted to his death. At only 20 years old the guy had his whole life ahead of him so let this be a warning to all plankers out there that if you want to take part, keep it safe.

What do you think; does Facebook encourage people to pull off stunts to show their friends? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.

  • Boiler Room 4

    I'd like to see planking replaced with Harbour Bridging. You lie facing up and arch your back.