Epic Rap Battles of History 9: Napoleon vs Napoleon

When it comes to YouTube videos we have certainly brought you some of the best side splitting ones there are that feature on the site. The majority of them are ones that are going or have gone viral racking up a huge number of hits in a short space of time. The next one will undoubtedly go viral as all of its previous ones have.

We have just found the next in the series of the Epic Rap Battles of History; so far it only has just over 100,000 views but there will be more over the next few days. Previous battles we have reported include the Easter special between Genghis Khan and the Easter Bunny, Albert Einstein vs Stephen Hawking and of course Justin Bieber vs Ludwig Van Beethoven. The next one is Epic Rap Battles of History 9 and its Napoleon vs Napoleon. Napoleon Dynamite against Napoleon Bonaparte that is…

Firstly Napoleon Dynamite for any of you who don’t know is the main character from an MTV film where his grandmother breaks her tailbone and can’t trust her grandson Napoleon to look after her. It’s a comedy film that you can learn more about from this link.

The other is Napoleon Bonaparte who was a military and political leader famous for the Napoleonic wars. One of them includes the French invasion of Russia in 1812 where his army was badly damaged in their campaign. You can read more about his history on this link. As always you can watch the comical video at the bottom of the article but beware some of the language is choice.

What did you think of the latest Epic Rap Battle of History? Was it as good as the others? Let us know in the comments section below.

  • Dbag

    It was not as good as chuck vs abe or vader vs hitler…. those still make me laugh