Apple Brick And Mortar Shops Celebrate A Decade

If like me you are an Apple fanatic then the chances are that you have spent more than enough time meandering through your local Apple Store. Today the Cali company is celebrating its ten year anniversary, that’s right back on May 19th 2001 the doors swung open on Apple’s first two retail outlets.

According to a report by BGR, its idea was to create a customer experience like no other. In an official press release brought out a couple of days after the initial opening, Apple were quoted in saying, “Apple today announced that its first two retail locations welcomed over 7700 people and sold a combined total of $599,000 of merchandise during their first two day weekend.” Such large figures still didn’t quash the doubters though.

After Gateway pulled out of the retail market an analyst was said to have played down Apple’s opening success by stating, “I give them two years before they’re turning out the lights on a very painful and expensive mistake.” But Apple’s Steve Jobs couldn’t have been happier, remarking how they were “Blown away with the numbers,” he added, “More importantly, customers have told us they love everything about the store—from the knowledgeable sales staff to the Genius Bar to the store’s design and unique approach to presenting digital lifestyle solutions.”

Figures continued to grow for the Apple franchise with $1.66 billion profit shown for 2009, rising to $2.36 billion in 2010. So far this year the firm has already made $1.84 billion, with thanks in no small part to the introduction of the iPad 2 and upgrades to the iMac range. As confirmed by PC Mag, the Jobs consortium has now stretch to four continents with 324 outlets shared out over 11 countries.

All very impressive I,m sure you will agree, and it looks as though the Apple brand will be spilling out of its retail outlets for many years to come. Tell us what you think of the Apple Store experience, does it still match the company’s original dreams?