7″ Fujitsu LifeBook: Android Tablet Coming Soon

In the in the world of laptops and Tablet PC’s the market is rapidly growing on a steady daily basis, in order to help you keep up with all the latest products from this market we regularly bring you news. In previous posts we have brought you information on many of these new devices such as the Toshiba Qosmio X770, Dell Streak Pro 10” and the Panasonic CF-53 Toughbook.

With many great devices like this already flooding the market it can be quiet tough for manufacturers new releases to make any great impact, the latest company hoping to do this is Fujitsu. According to recent news they are planning to launch a 7” Lifebook Android powered tablet, which looks to be hitting us sometime soon.

After reading this news-which comes to us courtesy of Slashgear, we can tell you that the company will be looking at launching this new device sometime in Q3 2011, this device looks to be packaged with the latest available version of Android when it’s finally released. To read more on this just follow the link to their post here.

This new device will be aimed more towards the consumer market, unlike the Lifebook TH40/D you see above which was recently launched and aimed towards the enterprise market in the US, Europe and Japan.

According to Digitimes the 7” variant of the TH40/D will be rocking a pretty reasonable price tag of just $347 to $694, you can read more on this by following the link to their post here.

Does the sound of this tablet interest you?

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