Secret Service Question Young Boy Over Facebook Post

Facebook is no doubt the fastest growing social networking site, many people use it on a daily basis in many different ways such as improving their grades. As there are over 7.5 million registered users thought to be under the age of thirteen, it’s imperative that parents must ensure their children take care when using this site.

If your child uses any social networking sites it’s important that they understand there can be consequences to the words they choose to write, an example of this is the story were bringing you about a young boy who was questioned by secret services over his Facebook post.

According to Abclocal thirteen year old Vito Laptina was paid a visit last Friday by secret services while he was attending his school, this visit was due to a recent post he made on Facebook about President Obama. In this post Vito talked about the recent death of Osama Bin Laden and stated that Obama should be careful as there could be more suicide bombers.

It’s these word which lead to the young boy being called into the principals to be questioned by the feds, Vito’s mother was not impressed by this turn of events and had this to say “I just about lost it. My son, my 13-year-old son, who is a minor, who is supposed to be safe and secure in his classroom at school is being interrogated, without my knowledge or consent, privately, by the Secret Service.”

Although the seventh grader was interviewed for at least half an hour secret services assured him that he was not in trouble, following this situation Vito is now a lot more careful about what he posts online.

What are your thoughts on this? Do you think the school and secret services acted too harshly?

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