Facebook Scam/Virus: This Is Why You Shouldn’t Eat Fast Food

As any of our regular readers will know we have been reporting more recently on some of the things that you need to look out for on Facebook in terms of virus, malware and scams. Recent reports include the Facebook Dislike button, the verify your Facebook account and another where it tells you that you can see who has been peeping at your account.

Today we have another Facebook scam/virus post that’s going around that says “This is why you shouldn’t eat fast food.” We saw it originally on facecrooks.com where they are also reporting on some of the dangers of the post and what it can do to you and your Facebook friends so in a bid to stop it in its tracks we want to raise awareness of it and take some preventive actions to stop the spread.

The post claims to show you a video about McDonalds saying that you may want to think again before eating from their franchise again in what they say is a shocking video prompting you to click on the link. This is another example of being careful what you click on, as soon as you have hit the link your virus blocker should come up with an access denied image as enclosed in their post is a link to a Trojan virus.

Facebook are trying to prevent things like this but it’s also important that we are all educated about them as they rely on trying to shock you or playing on your emotions. If you have already clicked on it we would strongly advise that you run a virus scan and also follow these instructions to get rid of it and clean up your Facebook feed.

Have you seen this one circulating? Share this with your friends to stop the spread and let us know in the comments section below how often this has appeared on your wall.