Samsung Galaxy S II (S2) Changes Title For US Market?

The Samsung Galaxy S II or S2 has stirred up a huge interest amongst new and current smartphone users. Although the US market has still not received an official release date, we gave you news yesterday of one retailer that has the handset currently advertised from May 21st. Click here for more details.

Today on the subject of America, those tempted by the new Samsung may want to carry on reading a little further, as the new addition to the market may come with a different name change for all US carriers.

According to Slashgear, information has leaked through that if true, will change the name from Galaxy S2 to something completely different. If we list the names for you: Firstly for Verizon the name may be that of the Galaxy S 2 Function, for Sprint the Galaxy S 2 Within and for rival AT&T it may be named the Galaxy S 2 Attain.

News on this has heated up due to a silicone case over at Pocketnow being spotted for sale listing all 3 names. The only carrier missing in the line-up is that of T-MobileUSA. Engadget have stated that this may be due to the Samsung Galaxy S2 having a completely different design to the first GSII. To find out more on this head on over to the link directly above.

Tell us are you waiting for the new Samsung Galaxy S2? What features have tempted you. Are you convinced by the new names? Let us know. Check out some of our other posts which a comparison made between the Galaxy S2 and others such as the Droid Bionic (if it shows up) and the new HTC Sensation?