Sony PSN Restoration Commences: New Security In Place

News has filtered through overnight that Sony’s PlayStation Secure Network is indeed back online in some parts of America and Europe. From an outage that first started back on April 20th until now, gamers have felt disappointed, frustrated and even happy to get rid of their PS3 consoles. So what do we know about the service being resumed in, as we say certain countries?

As PCMag reported, the PSN network will require a firmware update on all gaming consoles, with gamers having to change their current passwords. For the lucky few of you that have got your service back, you may want to take up the “debix” identity theft protection scheme currently running which will be free.

In a statement from Sony‘s Senior Director of corporate communications and social media “Patrick Seybold” he said, “Thank you for your patience and encouragement over the last few weeks.” Following on from this he stated, “A phased restoration by region of some of the services has taken place.” Once the service resumes in certain areas, users will then be able to update the firmware onto their gaming consoles, change passwords and start to resume play on the network.”

Although the service may take a little while to be restored, Sony have assured gamers that the process has begun and that they need to sit tight. Resuming the service is taking a little time but its started!

Check out the video below where you can see the main man CEO Kaz Hirai in a video outlining the PSN outage and its restoration, as well as a big apology to gamers. He said, “I wish we could have restored the network services faster, but these attacks were serious and sophisticated, and it simply took time to install and test the new security measures across our entire system.”

Tell us whether your service has now come back on?

  • Hamzii Haschangedhiszname

    it still says 'playstation network is currently undergoing maintenance'

    • aseem

      Same, and i wasn't prompted for a new password either???

    • jimskii

      same here m8 – hull in the uk

  • danny t

    add LosAngeles_Playa Ima hop on blak ops

  • danny t

    ABout time its working here in L.A

  • robbos

    UK, North. back on. Firmware update to download but as per usual doesnt tell me what size so have to work it out. it went to 1% after id downed around 5mb. Damn thats a bit big. 6% on 21mb.
    ok so approx 350mb, not quite as big as i first feared

    • Robot

      not on in London i got the update but it still says under maintenance

  • Gooobah Neverquest

    Downloaded the update, but still cannot get on PSN…..come on Sony!!!!

  • betty swollocks

    mine is still doing the same ol crap , it let me download the new update but i cant change my p/w or go online. just more bullcrap.

  • Nicole

    Is It on in the UK then? Lol I cant go on it now my sister is using the internet :L

  • dannyly2

    ye it still says its undergoing maintenance and ive done the update. I live in north of uk aswell

  • betty swollocks

    also i havn't got nothing in my e-mail about password change or anything. jheeeez , i bet i'll be the last 1 online knowing my luck :(

  • Robot

    london got the update but not the page to chage ur password

  • Robot

    london got the update but not the page to chage ur password

  • adam

    same here updated no asking to change password uk lincolnshire


    same ere.update done but no change password screen or PSN.
    UK South.