Twitter Top 10 Trending Topics: Any Surprise Inclusions?

It’s that time of the week again where we take a look back at what’s been happening and see what events and other things feature in the Twitter top 10 trending topics supplied by Mashable’s Matt Silverman. We are on the lookout for any surprises and we want to know if any of the top 10 surprised you.

Straight in at number 10 in the chart with the Lorca Earthquake, there were two moderately sized quakes in Murcia southeastern Span in the region of Lorca on Wednesday. There were 9 deaths reported and the earthquakes were at a magnitude level of 4.4 and 5.1. Retaining 9th position from last week we have the NBA with more teams being eliminated from the NBA Playoffs.

In 8th spot we have the queen of Twitter herself Lady GaGa where tweeters were talking about her new songs ‘Judas’ and ‘The Edge of Glory’ along with the general excitement this star causes. In 7th spot they are back, it’s the Jonas Brothers who featured a few weeks ago. Fans were tweeting the title of a Jonas hit ‘Hello Beautiful’ and May 7th in the eyes of the fans is now officially ‘Jonas Brothers Day.’

The 6th spot goes to Google; the guys behind the seamless search engine caught the eye of many people with a few different Google Doodles and announcements of their new netbook style PC named the Chromebook. Featuring in the 5th position of this week’s chart we have The Vampire Diaries that saw one of the main characters, a fan favorite Damon was bitten by a werewolf and was left dying. Fans are now a bit upset that he may be leaving the show.

We see another regular returner with the prince of pop music Justin Bieber hitting 4th spot. Fans were tweeting to support him as he hasn’t been very well and the hashtag #KillEmWithKindness perhaps to support his efforts with anti-bullying.

We are now homing in on the top spot and are nearly there, position 3 goes to Soccer/Football which has been a regular in the chart for the past few weeks where there was a couple of cup finals one of them being in Holland where FC Twente managed to go all the way to glory. The topic in second position goes to Super Junior, a South Korean band who were celebrating the anniversary of their fourth album, Bonamana.

This week’s number 1 spot goes to Mother’s Day. Many countries were celebrating this day such as the U.S, Belguim, Germany, Ghana and the Netherlands. These users were sharing things that their mothers would say along with facts about their moms.

Well there we have it, another Twitter top 10 and if you missed any of the previous ones then use this link and you can read them. What did you think of this week’s Twitter Top 10? Was there anything in there that you were surprised at? Let us know in the comments section below.