Apple iPhone 5 to be iPhone 4S: Sprint and T-Mobile Too?

Although recent reports suggest that the next-generation Apple iPhone will not be released until later this year, the smartphone still attracts a lot of interest and we’ve been giving you recent developments. We now hear that the Apple iPhone 5 may actually be called the iPhone 4S and there is also talk that the next iPhone may also be released on Sprint and T-Mobile.

Among our recent posts on the iPhone 5 we spoke about NFC inclusion, the possibility of advanced Voice Control and also spoke about features that we don’t feel will appear. We’ve also reported on rumors that the iPhone may be coming to T-Mobile, as well as wondering how damaging it could be to Sprint if it is the only major carrier without the iPhone. There are now reports about analyst Peter Misek of Jefferies & Company, who claims to have knowledge of the next iPhone and states it will indeed be carried by both T-Mobile and Sprint.

Not only this but Misek’s checks show that instead of being called the iPhone 5 as is often assumed, the handset will be titled the iPhone 4S, according to Zach Epstein over on BGR, sourced from Forbes. Other features will apparently be the A5 chip as previously rumored, along with improved cameras and slight cosmetic changes. One other feature that has had people wondering is whether the next iPhone will be 4G-enabled but this is deemed not to be likely with Misek asserting that the chips for such a model could not be supplied in adequate amounts for the production necessary.

Over on Slash Gear, Rue Liu also notes the news from the analyst concerned, adds that China Mobile will also be an additional carrier and that the iPhone 4S is still thought to be coming around September time. We’ll continue to bring you news and speculation about the next-generation iPhone but whether we’ll be referring to it as the iPhone 5 or iPhone 4S is open to debate just yet. What are your thoughts on an iPhone 4S for the fall? Are you a Sprint or T-Mobile customer happy to hear your carrier may be getting the Apple iPhone? Let us know with your comments.

  • danny_t

    Awesome. I might just stay with sprint now for the iPhone

    • @IWYSintern

      agreed! I still have one of Sprint's first android phones the Samsung Moment :(. I would very much like a Sprint iPhone especially if they kept the everything plan with unlimited data!

  • MB8

    I hope T-Mobile gets it, get on a 2 year plan and lock in those cheaper rates before AT&T buys and inflates T-Mobile.