The UFC & Their Different Approach To Using Social Media

We have seen many different types of company and brand trying to use Social Media in the most effective way possible, some companies do it well and others don’t. Some are not even aware of some of the potential benefits of it and to be honest if you company isn’t using social media and social networking then they are only passing an opportunity by.

One sports company that has been innovative and creative about the way they use social media is the UFC. Dana White is the man behind the biggest MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) company in the world and these guys previously have utilized the ‘Likes’ of Facebook to show the undercard of their pay-per-view events. Now we wanted to talk to you a little more about their different approach to social media that they are rolling with now.

The UFC organization is going to encourage their fighters to pull in more Twitter followers. Where other sports will attempt to push their teams and players away from Twitter use to try and protect them from action being taken the UFC are doing exactly the opposite. Dana White now wants his fighters to pull in more Twitter followers and after three months who ever has pulled in the most followers will get a $5,000 bonus, very nice especially if you are a new young fighter trying to make a name for himself wouldn’t you say?

We learned of this through Mashable’s Stan Schroeder where he has added an article explaining that the fighters will be divided into categories based on their follower count. This is an opportunity to build their following on Twitter and get people reading the classic feuds and wars of words that we see on there regularly from fighters such as Tito Ortiz and Forrest Griffin.

What do you think of the UFC’s approach to social media as a whole and do you think this is a good strategy from them? Will we start to see the same thing replicated in other sports? Let us know your thoughts on this in the comments section below.