Sports World Shocked By Neil Lennon’s Attacker: Video

When we report on videos from YouTube it’s normally because it’s gone viral and we want to tell the world about it too such as the Ultimate Dog Tease which has been a hit, the Sexy Sax Man and the soldier dancing like Carlton with rockets being fired in the background. Today we have something a bit different.

The sports world was shocked and appalled by something that happened in a Scottish football match within the last few days. The Celtic manager Neil Lennon was attacked by someone who jumped over the barrier, made it past the stewards and tried to land one on him. This is simply completely unacceptable not only on the pitch but at all.

Neil Lennon has been certainly feeling the heat sitting in the Celtic football club manager position mainly because of the intense rivalry between Celtic and Rangers in the Glasgow derby which is watched around the world. This famous rivalry stems back further where there are opposing catholic and protestant views also facing off against each other.

Neil Lennon himself can be quite a controversial character after earlier this year he appeared to gesture to the Rangers onlookers during the derby and something you don’t want to do in a game as big as it that is insult THAT particular crowd. He has been plagued for weeks with all sorts of death threats and people sending him ticking parcels which thankfully have been intercepted on their way to him.

The latest incident must have shaken the Celtic manager up and make him consider his future at the club but personally as a follower of Scottish football I don’t see it in his character to be driven out by incidents like this. He is a hardy man and we just want to see this disgraceful behavior end so he can get on with his job. There’s an interesting report on the whole matter over on the BBC Sports website so head on over and have a look. As always the video is at the bottom of the article.

What do you think about the incident? What can Scottish football do about this to prevent it happening in the future and also what action should be taken here? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.