Is Facebook Unfriend Paranoia Setting In With You?

When someone attempts to add you to Facebook do you think twice about adding them? After all, this is what Facebook is about isn’t it? Then again we constantly see people on there with thousands of friends and let’s be honest there’s no way that many can be maintained is there.

This leads us onto whether or not Facebook unfriending paranoia is setting in with you, in other words are you worried about someone you have added on Facebook that you are regretting? This could be anyone and for any reason such as them filling your news feed with constant pointless status updates but is unfriending them too harsh?

Over at their author Ruth Manuel-Logan has added an article with a variety of situations in a humorous way. One of them that made us chuckle is friending someone who you aren’t particularly fond of just to keep tabs on them, but if you unfriend them what happens then?

Some people are worried that if they actually unfriend someone from their list that they may offend them or that they may react maliciously to it. We want to know, has this ever happened to you? Have you ever removed someone from your friends list and they have reacted badly to it? Tell us in the comments section below.

  • Jonathan

    I react in curiosity, wonder why it happened & usually ask. Vengeance is not an answer to an unfriending.

  • Nix

    If people get upset at cyber befriending, especially if they aren't close 'real life' friends then i'd say they are a sandwich short of a picnic.