Using Social Media to Generate Leads: Three Important Stages

Here at OSM we often write about the merits of social media and also social media marketing with recent examples looking at a travel agency’s success using social media, 14 steps to using social media for your business and also airlines using social media in a bid to improve customer service.

One aspect that we haven’t paid much attention to is how to generate sales leads online through the use of social media and this is where a really useful article by Bryony Thomas over on Real Business helps out. For a start it’s suggested that there are three stages towards generating leads starting with generating awareness and creating a presence where you know your prospective customers might be online.

The next stage is to convert awareness into interest by making sure your content is relevant and offering useful information that the customer can engage in. The final stage is to make it through to evaluation. This stage should be supported with testimonials from satisfied customers and examples of your good service or product and how people have been satisfied, or impressed with it.

Thomas then provides an impressive 30-point plan split into 3 sections, 10 ways to generate awareness, 10 ways to generate interest and 10 ways to prove your credentials. For example generating awareness can be as simple as making sure your employees have profiles on LinkedIn or setting up a company Twitter feed. Generating interest could involve asking questions on online forums or posting blogs and proving your credentials could be written case studies or running live Q & A’s on Twitter. You can read the whole 30-point plan at the Real Business link above.

We reckon if the plan is followed it could be really useful for generating leads and could equally apply to other marketing aspects such as market research or recruitment. We’d be interested to hear about your experiences with generating sales leads using social media so do send us your comments about this.