Twitpic Photos: Clarification Over Who Owns What

When you are using social media and social networking sites there are aspects of it that you don’t even think twice about. Think about the last time you had a great night out and took lots of pictures and uploaded them to your Facebook profile for all your friends to laugh at you in your state after a few alcoholic beverages.

Well there’s been somewhat of a dispute over pictures on the popular network Twitpic. This is a site/app where you can upload your pictures and videos to Twitter in real-time as they describe it and on their site they tell you a little more about themselves. The dispute over the photos on Twitpic has left people seeking clarification over who owns what after they updated their terms and conditions.

People were left thinking these guys would be able to sell a picture of you for money as reported by the Huffington Post author Amy Lee where she has a before and after of what the actual Terms Of Service said and now says. Someone else who offers a nice viewpoint on this is Julie O’Dell of Mashable where she has also replied to a few difficult comments clarifying that by uploading the pictures to their site, you basically let them use them in just about any way they want to.

We would urge any user of Twitpic who is worried now to head over to their official blog where they have added a post about your content and that you maintain the copyright for those images. They say basically that when the image is there, they can use it; if you delete the image then they can’t use it.

What do you think of this situation that Twitpic finds it’s in? Confusion around touchy subjects like this can often stand a social media site like Twitpic in a bad light, what’s your opinion on this? Let us know in the comments section below.