Sony PSN Not Online Yet: Who Will Go Back – Will You?

We’ve been posting many articles about the Sony PSN hacking and outage incident and know from the huge response just how many of you are frustrated, concerned and feel let down by the lack of service. We’ve had many comments from people who say they’ve had enough of Sony, Sony’s PSN and their PS3’s, which begs the question, when service is restored who will go back – will you?

Among our recent posts we’ve given you an image of why the PlayStation Network is down, told how the service still not being back has led to panic for some, and also taken an alternative look at whether we should actually appreciate that it’s not back yet, all of which have provoked a big reaction from readers. Many of you feel that Sony’s lack of more communication with users has been one of the worst aspects of the way the situation has been handled. Although the Sony PSN blog has had the odd update it hasn’t been done so nearly enough or with enough information to satisfy many people.

We’ve also told how Sony will need to rebrand the PS3 after normal service is resumed but will that be too late, bearing in mind that many gamers have already said they are abandoning their PS3’s and moving to Microsoft’s Xbox 360. People have also lost trust in Sony and that may impact the company even more in the long-run. Although Sony has offered a ‘welcome back’ package, the longer the PSN is offline the least tempting it seems, and almost appears like a tease. Similarly reports of service being restored by the end of the month, and other news suggesting Sony hopes to get it back online in a few more days, sends mixed messages that are leading to even more aggravation.

We have now had hundreds of messages from readers and although the odd person says they will remain patient and don’t blame Sony for the fiasco in any way the vast majority feel very differently and are angry and disappointed. One comment reads, “I would rather they get the system secure and stable than rush it and them having to shut down several times to fix bugs over the next month or 2,” then adds, “Sony are not the first to be hacked and they wont be the last and maybe this will make other big companies wake up and put security very high up on its list of priorities.” Others though are more upset about what’s happening, for example another comment reads, “sony are trying 2 sort things out but iv lost my trust in sony i feel they have let us down 2 meny times i love the ps3 but the way things are going it dosent look good if they dont sort it out by 31st im switching 2 xbox id rather pay 2 play than not play at all good luck sony dont let us down plz.” And then there are the angry comments such as this one, “i think that this is a ridiculous ludacris a damn outrage that psn isnt back online and that we dont even have a estimated date when it will be back on if u ask me psn doesnt really give a damn about its costumers being us becuase it would have been on by now.”

Sony has a lot to do to make up for this in gamer’s eyes, with its reputation damaged and customers losing trust, being frustrated from not being able to use the PSN and also concerned about security issues. It’s possible of course that when service is finally restored, people will very quickly forget just how annoyed they were, but how many gamers will the company have lost by then?

What we really want to know from this then, is when the Sony PSN finally comes back online, don’t know where, don’t know when, will you be going back? We’re interested to hear from you about this so do let us have your comments.

  • gabe81

    this doesn’t bug me at all ya it sux but crying about it does NOTHING, sit back watch a movie w/your gf or bf ( I don’t judge ) go to some parties, get arrested do something else w/this time off so in the mean time just SHUT UP, just bought brink, & portal 2 the coop is a blast if you can’t do coop get some REAL friends to play with

  • LaMonster318

    well….still no exact date,but i can wait

  • Jason

    I have been on PS3 since Day 1 release with a 60g, and would class my self as a fan boy (not sure being 36 puts me in the boy section but hey there we go). I am not happy with the network STILL being off, im not happy some hacker has my credit card details and personal informational, im not happy that Sony’s response took so long, and the “updates” are so very vague, with the same information being given each time, just written in different ways, and the main problem being NO DATES !.

    You would expect that one of the world leaders in technology/entertainment would have world class system protection. There is the argument that its free so we cant complain, hmmm i wonder if believers of those would have the same attitude if the hackers were to go shopping with there details. It makes no difference if its free or not, yours and my information has still been stolen!, and would have been even if we were paying (which i personally hope we never do).

    Blame, Sony or the Hackers ?, well both really, back when you could “leave your door open on your street” maybe a similar view was taken by Sony, why would someone hack a games server ? i doubt it, but the point being, someone somewhere will ALWAYS take advantage of an opportunity, in this case the hacker/hackers, i don’t care who they are, and im more angry at them for disrupting so many life’s and causing inconvenience with regards to cancelling cards, waiting for a new one to arrive etc etc, worrying people. If they want to have a pop at Sony, fine have a go, just don’t attack the people who ARE happy to support these corporations, im not brain washed, i love gaming, i think almost every game console out there is extremely clever and i would not know where to begin to even try to invent one. So go take your idealistic thoughts and affect your life, not ours!.

    Ultimately Sony WILL get back on track and be as secure as a nuns chastity belt, until the next gen hacker comes along and breaks codes that are unbreakable, if man makes it man can break it rings true, systems will continues to come under attack as long as we live in our rapidly developing digital lives. Sony has not “lost money” they have just failed to make as much as they could have if the network would have been on, 1.2 billion here, 37 million there,. People, its a very small blip in what is a mega money making company, and if it were i or you making entertain equipment, we would be EXACTLY the same, unless your really are a true tree hugger with dreds and sandals, by the way my dog always mark’s trees, so ya multi coloured stripe woolly top smells like it does because of fido,

    So to conclude one mans rant, Sony, Sort out your Security!, and your customer service, its sucks bad.

    Botherers of corporations, take action if you want to protest, but don’t affect the happy end users.

    Thanks if you got this far

    Jason (worldeater)

  • woody

    i'll be sticking around with the ps3, well coz i cant afford an xbox and plus I dont like xbox, cmon sony i know u can do it! :)

  • Anon Hater

    We are anonymous

    We are douchebags

    We do not have a life

    We do not get laid.

    We will fight for stupid and irrelevant causes

    We have issues

    We will die virgins

    • Vert


    • Dan B

      Haha very funny

    • anonymous

      We are the legion, we do not forgive, we do not forget. Will they try to stop us? Probable but will never have success.

  • Mathew Derg

    The only reason I haven’t got a xbox 360 is fact that sony games are better twisted metal infamous 2 uncharted 3. Those are big hitter but this month waiting is crap. But in the end I think sony will make up for it if not they going be a consumer night mare.

  • joey

    woody you can trade your ps3 for an xbox at game stop

  • Cizzle

    To be honest im having mixed feeling about the whole thing. People who think sony just doesnt give a crap about there customers are CRAZY of course they do at least in the sence that without us they dont have a company. The customers are everything. I heard that sony lost 1.3 BILLION $ in revenu since the outage thats mind blowing in 3 weeks and every day that passes w no PSN the more they lose, Sony isnt dumb its not like there just sitting around doing nothing not giving posts and not giving a crap about the BILLIONS they are losing I mean get real. Sony wants the network up WAY WAY WAY more than us gamers. Losing 1.3 BILLION and your companys reputation is a much larger loss than a few weeks of onlin gaming. On the other hand i think that sonys lack of security in the first place shows there greed and I am very dissapointed in there lack of communication at least in the last few days. I do reolize its a touchy issue and if they give another date and miss it they risk losing more customers so i really dont know what to think other than i really hope its up soon.. by the way xbox is crap but if they dont get this fixed soon I might not have much of a choise

  • bab1984

    i will wait aslong as it takes and will never get a crapbox as everyone i know thats had one actually had three or four coz of burning out problems. the crapboxes are just as reliable as microsofts crapy pcs witch are riddled with problems to.

  • joel

    Im sick of waiting for sony. I have an xbox too. It is so much better in every way except internet interface. Get on the Xbox and forget your PS3 was anything but a spare bluray player.

  • C,mon Sony

    fuck the pri**box ps3 forever ill just keep completing campaign in the mean time and zombies split screen !

    • Suysb

      I applaud your loyalty friend

  • Aaron

    Well, I have two PS3 systems and I will stick with them. Mainly because I went to trade them in at the local GameStop and they would not even take them at the moment, said they already have way too many!!!

  • mojofury

    i notice during the hack it was OUR data that was stolen and not sony's? seems they have up to date security on their own money

  • krome8

    Come on Sony. i'm getting the shakesSSS now, A rough date for your sony fans would be nice. Glad to hear your making sure everything will be ok before bringing it back online. keep up the good work

  • Desert Dweller

    It's been tough for me not being able to play online with Borderlands or for my kids and Little Big Planet 2, but I've kept busy with Fallout New Vegas since it's not an online game.

  • RV87

    Yes it has been frustrating not being able to game online as thats what i do 99% of the time. However, in the long run it won't send me away. Playstation has always been my console. It is free (although clearly not very secure) but things happen. I blame sony for their lack of security and communication with users but at the end of the day its the nerds hacking thats the problem. If its for fraud then I can see why they do it (money) although obviously dont agree but to just incovenience users is really quite pathetic. They all need to get some.

  • bob

    your all a bunch of junkies, get a fucking life u losers

  • Jay wigle

    Luckily I have both systems gamertag on both networks is Runofthemilljay. I feel they are scared to put it back up till they are 10000% secure. One more fiasco like this and the Sony brand gets hurt and so do their shareholders. This is just not about us the customer, but also about their bottom line. We won’t see it back till their investment is secure, no matter what length of time.

  • OKa

    Im keeping my ps3 just mad about the lack of communication.

  • A Grammar Nazi

    Those quotes from Sony's "Costumers" were appalling. The general public seem to be getting stupider by the day. Maybe it’s just me, but when incorrectly spelt words out number correctly spelt words by more than two to one, I completely disregard whatever the person is trying to say.

    I mean no disrespect to Debbie Turner, but I did find one error outside of the quotes. A single error in an article of this size is still very respectable in my opinion. "Sony has a lot to do to make up for this in gamer’s eyes". The apostrophe should come after the 's' in gamers. When it is before the 's', the subject is the eyes of a single gamer. Gamers', on the other hand, would reference all gamers as a collective.

    • debbielt

      lol, to be honest grammar nazi, I did notice the error just as I pressed the 'publish' button and hoped nobody would know. Well spotted!


    sony palystation has been the best invention of all time ive played it and bought games for all 3 consoles from i was a kid well b4 online gaming was even an issue dont cry and wine gamers and just accept that what they are doing is for the best and be patient ffs peace

  • Tony-from-wishaw

    hey another thing any1 played mortal kombat 2011 offline lol i am gonna woop hiney wehn it comes bk on great game

  • Tom

    haha im getting xbox i cant trust sony any more

  • murk

    this is some bull…s ony u messed up bra….

  • James Oglesby

    im never gonna get rid of my ps3 i would rather have 101% security instead of no protection i will admit Sony have made a mistake but hackers are stupid so dont blame Sony Blame the hackers :)

  • OmnipotentElements

    Sony hurry guy your lossing all your PSN users. Im not going to side with people because people can do what they want but ill wait its fine by me people that hate on Sony shut up dont comment just go to X-Box Sony users im happy that you will continue to wait but dont hate on the Sony haters because the more you do the more they will hate so just no one talk untill Sony puts out a massage. I know my voice wont be heard but please Sony hurry I will wait

  • P$NuserBLaH8LaHBLaH

    I dont think it was hackers(that took P$N down), if you do the research you would know that $ony had just finished building a new data-storage facility and it cost quite alot.
    so that got me thinking…….how would they update a huge network user base, without disrupting 1 country at a time??? mabey do them all at once? but that would take about 15days to do that tho, and they would'nt be able to inform people, due to P$N users complaning about almost anything………(wich is in our right, as paying consumers)

  • P$NuserBLaH8LaHBLaH

    and then it dawned on me, the best way for them to recoop any $$ loss from the new storage facility would be to sell user detals to marketing firms…..but thats illeagal………if you get caught.
    But with all this "GEOHOT" activity and the amount of threats made at $ony over said events and a large and well known hacker group (ANON) warning them "to watch out" they have the smoke screen needed to cover all there problems…..The timing of this series of events is just to suspect
    I might be parranoid I might be crazy, but i know I'm on to something here
    Please distribute this "theory" and watch peoples reactions, i've only told few people this and they all agree that it is suspicious to say the least.

  • BLaH8LaHBLaH (again)

    I just heard they "might" be making us pay for P$N after the re-boot… is that all about????
    this had better not be true $ony, you'll never get any of us back with dirty move like that. Not me anyway thats for sure, they can't even give us a secure network, why should we pay to play
    "pay to play = retarded gay"

  • Mattbob

    I love my PS3 But Xbox is looking better and better. I Just wish they would keep updating so we would have at lest some info to keep us up to date on how the relaunch is going. Still hanging on tho. the only reason i have internet is for my PS. What about my full month of wasted money.

  • Pat

    I think that i'll ride out the life of my PS3, and when it dies that'll be the last piece of sony i'll ever own again. Not only is sony over priced, obviously they are not customer oriented. with sony charging so much for their products and such a range of products they should have the $$ resources to put forth a campaign to keep their customers both informed and satisfied in the mean time.

  • Ihatexbox

    what a stupid article…
    of course ill be going back to my ps3…
    you know why they wont hack microsoft?
    because who cares about xbox…
    theres nothing special about them… why hack it?
    seriously xbox is for people who likes "copied" things…
    "pirated" come may call it…

    PS: xbox kinect is still ugly…. so laggy and inefficient…

  • maddog

    we want double cod points for two weeks plus we want them again when escalation maps come out on june 3rd. we want a fixed date posted as to when psn will be accessable .we also want to see a personal apology and explanation in our psn inbox along with a welcome back pack with 2 good games not no cheap shit that they bought out specialy for this circumstance for example worms armagedon. if they manage that ill forget the fact ive lost nearly three prestiges over the weeks and continue playing happily.oh yea annonomous can take that 1 british pound out my bank and buy themselfs a life fuckin pathetic little nerds piss me off go choke on a dogs bollox cock and die

  • BLaH8LaHBLaH (again)

    Any one know the location of this new data-center? is it in japan. Could all the disasters there have something to do with the waiting we've all sufferd… many questions…… no f***'n answers. come on PHoNY give us something better then "a few more days" and "the end of the month"(wich is the same thing they said last month) we gave u our $$$$, give us some strait answers, mayby a live 24h forum. something would be better then the b*ll's up our a**'s we're gettin now…. ,.|.. o_O ..|., <== 2 fingers for you'r HR & PR departments 1 each…… all this pc gaming is giving me carpel tunnel are u gonna pay may DR.s bills. I almost went outside today =–GASP–= c= dX_Xb

  • Gareth

    I'm still very frustrated I can't play Black Ops online but I'm really enjoying the opportunity to play games like Assassin's Creed: Brotherhood which is fantastic and doesn't need to be played online. People easily forget that this is how video games used to be played before we had online multiplayer!

  • Michael – sony <3

    'thatexbox' true comment – xbox360 is just a copy of ps3 in my eyes and to be honest i have always loved the ps3 – and this happened to microsoft a while back… do remember that ps3 offers alot more than xbox360 – and to be perfectly honest the whole system of xbox fails.. like even the controller i find weird to be perfectly honest… who agrees?


    jamas cambiaria PSN por 360…. eso seria la estupides mas grande…100% fiel a PSN…. PS3 es la mejor consola del mundo, igual juego offline…. igual me divierto

  • C-threat

    I would be back. I now have an xbox on the side and have a ps3. So i could always switch off. WOO HOOO!!

  • nicholas

    some people have no lives if they cant be patient enough to alow sony to update and and make the system better so it wont happen again would you rather have a few days of online play and have it be hacked again or allow them to do what they need to ensure it wont happen again. ofcourse they are doing the best they can they are losing customers because of this but i do agree with they should be posting updates EVERYDAY i would like to know whats going on and when they expect it to be back online but just be patient everyone

  • Louise Ellen Bungard-jones

    im really pissed of about psn being down,,,so me and my otha have got an xbox lol ,,xbox is crap really miss the playstation :(

  • Cosmo

    Looks like the only ones angry or complaining are the ones who has no life…..

  • waughzy

    i'll be sticking with the psn. They might of been hacked but they are still by far the best in the way of offline and online gameing. And you can now guarantee that after what happened to the psn will make microsoft have a think about there security that cause them to have to go offline and all thos that have gone from psn to Xbox will end haveing to wait agen for microsoft to sort theres out.

  • Kessler616

    i agree with almost everyone who's posted on this site , and will be one of many users who will remain on the psn network although sonys lack of information is infuriating, id rather not have to pay microsoft to go online , also it dosent help that redeemable codes purchased a day before psn went down get to sit around gathering dust . and even when i contacted the sony call centre when my Ps3 died without warning i was given the same kind of feed back they're dishing out on thier blog, all in all though i am not angry with sony just disappointed , and whoever is responsible should be shot in my eyes , some may say thats a bit harsh but i enjoy the thought of capital punishment.

  • Tonio

    this is shity we should have the right to know when the psn will be back on and not a made up date. if psn is not on by the 30th of may im done with this shit im going to xbox 360 idc if i have to pay to play. at least we are playing with pur freinds and not haveing to wait. srry sony if its not on by the 30th im leaving this shity network and im sure alot other will to.


    Lol. PPL dont need online gaming to entertain dem. if dey go 2 xbox then dey just sad