Sony PSN Coming Back Online in Phases: Final Testing Now in Japan

We’ve been keeping you in touch with all the latest developments about the hacking of the Sony PSN and subsequent outage and know from comments to our many articles how many of you are alarmed and also angry about the lack of information regarding when the service might resume. We have news today though from a Sony statement, which says that the PSN will be coming back to Japan in phases and that final testing is taking place now.

Earlier today we told how the PlayStation Network was not back online yet and asked, when it was restored if you would go back, which prompted a huge response. We then told how apparently the Sony PSN outage was leading to a rise in used PS3’s for sale. The last update on the Sony PlayStation blog gave a restoration timeline but was very vague on specifics but today we have heard a little more about the restoration of the network.

Although there is no further information yet from Sony for other countries, Sony Japan has issued a new status report today, according to Matt Furtado over on Examiner. This at least will give those in other areas some hope of the service being resumed soon, although it points to the fact that Japan could see the restoration of service first. Sony Japan says that testing of the new security system is now in the final stages and that the company hopes the PSN will be back online “as soon as possible.” Once they are sure it can withstand future attacks they will re-launch the service. Internal tests using games are taking place, which could signify that Sony is much closer to a relaunch.

Part of the statement regarding the restart of the service says, “this phase will be conducted in phases at regional level to ensure the safety of our customers.” Later the statement adds, “To ensure the safety of all of you, it took a while longer, and ask humbly thank you for your understanding.” You can read the statement in full at the Examiner link above. You may also be interested in reading how at least one company is backing Sony’s PSN to bounce back after the outage and that’s Sega, who refer to the incident simply as a “blip,” according to Tom Pakinkis on CVG.

We know though that many PS3 gaming enthusiasts are very frustrated by this ongoing situation although hopefully we are seeing the beginning of the end at least, and full restoration of the PSN is on its way. Are you reassured by this latest Sony statement or maybe you feel that there’s not enough detailed information being supplied from the giant company? We’d like to know how you feel so let us have your comments on this.

  • Tony Jockey

    Bring back PSN soon SONY! I am tired of spending my time reading shakespeare instead of noob tubing in MW2!!! I'm itching 4KILLS! I wanna RaPe RaPE RAPE~~~~~SONY 4 LIFE.

    p.s. O yea, I have Xbox 360 Slim and I don't wanna pay for online gaming cuz who doesn't like free online gaming??? Plus as of right now, I am worried that my Xbox will get the blue dot of death if I put too much LuV into the system.LOLmyASS!

  • ps3 for life

    F micro i dont really care when psn will be back im am sticken with sony i mean com on they even said they will give us a welcome back pack.

  • Jan Buchel

    its so gay i just wont it to come on so i can play black opz

  • chris

    i hope its back this time :) i cant wait any more

  • IBIS

    I just got a killstreak of 11 walking down my street, but no chopper gunner whats going on.

  • ja ja

    hahaha i dont get it wen is it coming up agen

  • IBIS

    I just got a killstreak of 11 walking down my street but no chopper gunner whats going on

    • Shadow

      You might need to change your killstreak setup. ^_~

      • Fredalb

        I managed to get a care package with a 5kill streak but then agen I did spend the night in a cell lol hurry up Sony !!!!

  • ja ja

    a xbox is way better then ps3 that only thing that i do not like about xbox is that live is not FREE! and no disrespect for PS but yea i can not hate on PS cuz my 1st game consul was the PS1 lol

  • wolfno-1

    isnt it strange that so many impatient people are on here saying theyve already traded there ps3's in for an x box but there still on the sites trying to find out when its coming back online


      that is strange your totallyrighht dude

  • TNT

    For the ppl trading their ps3 for Xbox are dumb. After it comes back better than before and the best games come out those idiots are going to have to buy another ps3. Just do like most ppl and have more than one system. I have all 3 but the others collect dust until something worthwhile comes out. Take your time Sony and make the traders wish they didn't leave.

    • hopey the destroyer

      i think ur the dumb 1!!!! how can u say ps3 is better? is it bcos its free? in tht case ur the kind of person who would rob there own granny 4 a freebie….. yes its free yes they have a net browser yes there security is shit n puts each n every 1 of there customers private details at risk but am sure ppl wont think of it tht way wen they are trading there ps3's in!!!!!!!!! tht bein said i do agree with owning more thn 1 console but dont agree tht any console is better they all have faults and all have positives>…. just stop hating n start gaming !!!!!!!!!!!!!



  • marcus

    and the bad thing is in black ops i just got $22,889 and i did not spend it


    I'm just playing GTA IV which has a good single player story but as soon as PSN is back on I'm on Black Ops

  • im tha best

    if it comes back later next then gamers wil start to throw away there ps3 and it could be 1 of our friends online and would that be fair no .so if any off ur friends online leave then then that would suck

  • tama


  • Shadow


    I don't understand the competiton either.. I only own the PS3 and a gaming computer, but, Even I prefer the XBL interface over the PSN. But I, overall, prefer my PS3 as it has the games I play (Gran Turismo, Resistance, LBp, etc). I paid for 12+3 months membership in February, After having my console for nearly 4 years… Theres been gaps where I havent played for months on end.. Now is one of those gaps, Although I have been enjoying Portal 2… Just wish I could register it with steam :3

    Anyway, Best of luck to you all out there. The PSN will be back when its stable, oratleast in Sonys eyes. Sony are no exception, I mean, If it was your business, would you want it back up and on the internet without knowing if the security had bee fixed?

    See you all…

  • glenn

    hurry up plz !!! give us free new map pack for black ops" escolation" and triple or double xp weekend plz

    they have to give us that at least i would be happy if they do and forgive them


  • PSN iRAW_KraY_ZE

    well i personnaly think it is good that sony are taking there time on this. imagine if they were hacked again straight after because all you impatient bods out there just want to play online?? that would be the complete end of sony! no more online PS3 for us! when it comes back it will be better stronger and more user friendly, they cant take this long and not have summin to show for it, free stuff for us because some scum bag has no life and no DIK and had to hack them. not there fault, trust me no matter how good the security if someone wants to hack something it can be done. not sonys fault. blame the hacker not sony.

  • 2028

    No, your wrong. I would have switched to xbox, but the only reason i didnt because 1) i went through 7 xboxs before switching to ps3. 2) i work away from home so i dont want to pay for a service that i wont use. Am not buying monthly subscription crap. I want yearly. I dont want to give microsoft my card details to pay for it, because its hard to cancel your subscription, theres lots of youtube videos and articles of people complaining about microsft taking their money without permission and cant return it because they dont deal with it. I couldnt careless for psn freebies, and if you think every psn user is broke cheapskate, then you must be an ignorant idiot. Am patient and theres no point switching to 360 because when psn is back up, they secuirty will be much better than any console out there.

  • huggy_bear

    i was one of the unfortunate individuals that apparently got hacked… i understand every1 will get free stuff but want to no if their will be any differntiation with those that got details stolen????

    btw to all those that say it wasnt sonys fault i can appreciate this however if u leave ure house/car unlocked and it gets stolen who's falt is that… partly your own for leavin it unlocked

  • LOLz

    i have traded my ps3 for another ps3 xD

  • Hopes Up For Sony

    i dunno why people are complaining that sony have lost many users…. as i see that as a bright side… i mean think about it… most people who are moving to Xbox are cod players…. soo less noobs BUT mainly less people 2 fill up the servers… so servers will work much smoothly also this is not just cod it will have smoother servers also in other games too but mainly cod i am talking about…
    other than that im waiting mainly because i have a important test month ahead of me & also i have faith for sony…. i understand for extreme gamers out there who cant wait but… i think its soo stupid to buy a Xbox just for the online… its wasting cash but aswell if you have read this message i have posted please replie & tell me your opinion please & thanks for reading lol :)

  • Dark7777

    xbox dont do any1 any favours you can be sure of that, and when it comes to online gaming PS3 wins hands down,
    its free and there is no f**kin about,
    o yeah and for $60 a year it had f**kin better have more in it,
    PSN does the same thing but you have to requset it,
    however if you dont you can still play online with Xbox you pay to play,

    if you dont pay You DONT play

    Xbox have done a good job of f**kin thier players right in the ass and to top it all off you morons think its great

    Microsft is a buisness, First and Foremost

    Thier users come a distant 3rd if you are really lucky

  • jambo

    calm down folks ill be playstation till i die i bought an x-box and it blow up with in a year they replaced it then blown up after 3months x-box is poo and with the outage yes im annoyed but just think how sony feel how many millions have they lost they want it up more than i do and let me tell u i DO WANT IT BACK and for u people that want x-box go you traitors


      i totlayy agree with that dude

  • Bla Sony bla

    Has anybody read the compared stats between 360 and PS3 the xbox has better graphics power and run their games in full 1080p where as Sony mostly run 720p not sticking up for either side but Sony have taken the p|$$ atleast when Microsoft error they sort it in a reasonable time and give you brilliant compensation!

    • Don’tBeStupid

      It seems like most people have thrown logic out of the window. I have both systems and I am happy with both, I use my ps3 more often because that is what I favor, even though I have cod for both systems I always end up playing ob ps3. Just my personal choice, paying for xbl is in ways wasteful compared to pan, not only because it is free, but because there is no incredible difference. XBL was out for 2 weeks in 08 for a security breach, no info was thought to be stolen. PSN outage is in a different area because of the info that was stolen, but we should hold the hackers responsible and then Sony for not having up to date servers firmware (which still doesn’t give people the right to steal your personal belongings). Bottomline it comes down to preferance, I prefer my ps3 because I have a 60 inch Samsung 3D TV and I play 3d games and watch blue rays and it is amazing. I can’t do all of that on Xbox so I don’t prefer it. Also to the idiot who said the graphics are better on Xbox you have no idea what the hell you are talking about. BluRay won because of superior graphics and being able to hold more information than HD DVD which is why HD DVD is now dead. I don’t know where you get that most games are in 720p since that hasn’t been the reason since the first games and recent games like portal who dont concentrate on graphics but on physics. Common sense is never common

  • darren

    im so angry at psn this is a joke!

  • Dean

    Sony had better come up with some kind of compensation for it's millions of users. Very weak …

  • PoorKnyght

    I've been scouring the internet for any and all info on the ps3 outage and have read numerous comments on all kinds of forums. The first thing I need to say, stop complaining. Complaining does nothing but make it go longer for you. I pulled my trapezius muscle in my lower back and have been couch-ridden for the last 3 weeks. I can't do anything, I can't mow the lawn, vacuum or anything that could pass the time. And before that, I lost my job and was doing nothing but playing the ps3 almost all day since February. So not having the PSN really hits me hard as well as many others out there. And to all you people who traded in your systems for an xbox, go ahead and waste your money on a product that has proven over and over again, to have a %57 fail rate after 6 months. And I bet a lot of people who swapped also bought a copy of black ops for their xbox. So when you think about it, they wasted money on a xbox and a really crappy game (the second to worst call of duty game), especially if they already owned black ops for the ps3. I guess it just goes to show the type of people that still play that game. They could have spent all that money on socom 4, portal 2 and brink. Hell when you buy socom 4, you get so much free stuff, like the beta invite for resistance 3, online offers and more. And the ps3 version of portal 2 allows you to play online with a pc or mac and includes a pc version of it, so you literally get two copies of the game. I do agree that Sony could have done more to prevent this and far more to control the situation. But as one person pointed out, they are focusing a lot on their company. They need to though. How can you expect any company to provide a decent service if they can't even provide it for themselves. All in all though, I am just as anxious for the psn to finally come back online. And to clarify to anyone who would wonder, I own all three consoles and finally completed my "super computer" in February. I am a PC person first, PS3 second and Wii and crapbox are tied for last. But I'd easily consider both of them to tie for fourth place in my line-up.

  • Gaming geek

    Guy's this ain't cool…. i was looking forward to play ps3 on the long holiday and then they switched it of… i was hoping that it would come on in the 2 day's that i heard it was coming back but no, now it's coming back on he June exams this is not cool at all

  • PoorKnyght

    I'm right there with ya on the ganja thing. And trust me I'm not a cheap scate, I spent over $1500 building my new pc. I have both xbox and ps3, but I still would rather not pay for xbl. I'd much rather use that extra money to either get a little better strand or more.

  • Noland Williams

    a mate we jus want the date of when its cumin back on mate..

  • karden

    Fuck Howard Stringer with his lien as fuck Patrick Seybold with his lien ass fuck all sony period im done with Sony i aint going backwards only mess with real folks they got understand y we stop fucking wit em cause on the real we was the 1's that was fuckin wit em Sony it aint our fault sony we would of gave my last instead of fuckin with yo folks u tricked off yo staff



  • slc

    I would not want to play again until I know it is safe. Sure, they could have brought it back up right away, but anyone who would have played at that time is stupid. I want security at it's highest level so let them fix it, test it and then we know it's safe. There's other things to do while we wait unless you completely have no life at all which it sounds like some of you have nothing but ps3. Pff, who's fault is that? Not Sony's.

  • Brandie Jo

    It seems to me almost everyone revolves themselves around the online play to much…you know your games are offline (( single player )) aswell that's what I have been doing for the last month, but there is no way I'd get an xbox my bf's brother has one it's the crappiest gaming system I have attempted to play…

  • hops

    Iam extremely disapointed with the lenth of time sony is taking to remedy this problem. I fortuntaly have xbox life and there is not difference with the games online what so ever. Therefore i sugest people go towards the xbox for live gaming.

  • hiuyi

    all i know is this crisis is getting me less addicted to ps3 and morre outside. one more thing XBOX SUX!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • hiuyi

    hiooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo hp h0 merry christmas

  • hiuyi

    xbox sux and ps3 being down is lettin me play outside more

  • Ps3 is epicer than xbox

    ps3 is great xbox cost money for online i mean i have an xbox 360 but i got a ps2 instead than got a ps3 fuck xbox

  • P.S.N kicks ass

    why don't you ps3 players who are complaining about the psn being down shut the hell up you cant pick and choose but if you could would you seriously want to play now with your credit card info up 4 grabs or wait and when it does come back up play and not have to worry. give me a P. give me a S. give me a N.

  • nintendo ftw

    i say we all go back to playing mario on the 3DS

  • PS3 4 EVER

    dude nobody is lieing someone hacked the system and got milions of peoples information and there are making sure it doesnt happen again if your dumb asses new any better that cant be fixed in just one or two days that takes a while to create a security that strong enough that it doesnt happen again! just let them do there job and be patient jesus christ! and for the people that went to xbox let them go to that shitty system! x box is the worst system since sega saturn! ive owned 5 in 4 years! what a piece of s hit! if it wasnt for my kid i would of never bought it! there is just to many people that have no effing life and hack into stuff! f ucking idiots! ps3 FAR surpasses Xbox in every aspect! this message is mainly for the people that are dumb so if you fit into this category soak it in if not go about your buisness!

  • Quickz

    Whish this is true…..OTHERWISE ill throw a tomahawk at the sony boss!!!!

  • danny

    well i sold my ps3 today, another one for the scrap heap. bought a new xbox so i,m happy playing away on line…….. never will i go back to sony they are the worst in the world for looking after customers. oh and three of my friends are selling there's this week,. very bad practise on sony's behalf/ good bye for good.


    i will wait a year for psn to comeback if i have too, there is no way im getting an x box POS sony is working on creating some of the best security systems out there. So any way if you did switch then you never were a true ps3 fan so just leave this about those who own ps3 not those who own xboxs.PLAYSTATION3.

  • Stuwart

    Wow,finally there some news about PSN. It was hacked because of the crap security.

  • SOIA

    I'd like to add my 2 cents worth of nothingness, like most of the comments on here but here goes. Everyone here is complaining that Sony is not doing their job and blah, blah, blah. The truth of the matter is that no one that is complaining about how long this is taking is actually aware of how much work it is. Instead of complaining about this, take some time and read a book or do some research on networks and internetwork security. Trust me, it is not the easiest thing in the world to do and even with the team a multibillion dollar company hires, will take more than just 2 weeks to resolve. Sony is actually taking the time to ensure that you're parents' credit cards are going to be safe when the network comes back on. God forbid that you would actually pick up a hobby outside of the realm of PSN and get some human interaction instead of complaining about the cold spot that has come from the lack of the head set that has been permanently glued to your ear since Black Ops launch. if you think they are dragging a piano with this, quit ball bagging and get an xbox if not shut up and stop complaining, it will be back on. I am a gamer and I love Sony, and no I do not work for them nor do I get an endorsement for this. I really think its funny how many people are complaining about 1. something they don't really understand, and 2. something as trivial as not being able to play online for more than a 2 day span. That's about all I got, thanks for reading.

  • Truth

    whatever…they've been saying the same thing every other day for the last 4 almost 5 wks. the outage hasnt been the problem for me its the way they handled it. keep giving us those false hope psn blogs sony.thx