Mark Zuckerberg Has His Facebook Account Blocked

Here at OSM we spend a lot of our time bringing you all the latest news from the world of social networking, the vast majority of this information comes from Facebook as this is the most popular. In previous posts we have brought you news about the latest security update from Symantec and warnings about current spreading spam and Viruses.

When we search the web to bring you this news we come across some titles that grab our attention in a different way, one of these titles was about Mark Zuckerberg having his Facebook account blocked.

By now you would have seen the picture below and thought to yourself that’s not Mark Zuckerberg, well it is. This guy is not the social networking mogul we all know, he is actually a very successful bankruptcy attorney from Indianapolis, who just happens to share one of the world’s most recognisable names. This is not the first time we have seen something like this, a few weeks ago Tim Ollason posted a similar article about another Facebook user who had their account suspended due to her name being Kate Middleton.

According to this post from Allfacebook the attorney was originally denied an account from the social networking site, to prove he was genuine he had to send copies of his birth certificate, driving license and even his Indianapolis Bar Assn. With this much proof needed just to get an account set up we wonder how long it take before his profile is reactivated.

Although the company is a fast growing business that employs many people it seems virtually impossible to contact them, the reporter in the video below tried to contact them and was left listening to an answer machine.

Have you ever faced any problems like this before with Facebook? Do you think they should make it easier to contact them?

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