Improving Your Grades: Facebook May hold The answer

With more than 500 million registered active users Facebook has to be the best online tool on the planet for people to use, many people use the social networking site in a variety of bizarre ways such as ranking fellow female students, it maybe situations like this that have forced UK employers to ban social networking sites.

Although many people may exploit the site by plaguing it with a variety of spam and malware it’s still a great place to go and learn new things, according to recent news Facebook may hold the answer to improving your grades.

This news comes to us courtesy of, in a post by Kelsey Blair we are told that using Facebook can boost academic performance. These results come from a recent survey that was carried out in China and Hong Kong, it found that the one of the biggest benefits of using the site for students was the ability to connect to faculty members and other students in a way they wouldn’t be able to if limited to real time interactions.

The survey found that having access to a virtual community relieved the tension of many students and allowed them to maintain close friendships with friends that they don’t get to see much. After carrying out this study the people behind it encouraged more universities and colleges to take a more innovative approach to using social media as a way to interact with its students.

We have already heard how technology may be introduced to younger students to develop their education by providing them with an iPad 2, could social media get to the stage where we could see it integrated within schools? Maybe we could see students having their exam results delivered to them via Twitter, what do you think?

Do you think social media use in schools could be a good idea? Do you have any ideas on how else it could be put to use?

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